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Cost Of DNA in Kenya and Facilities That Offer Tests 

DNA technology has been in the country for a number of years but its popularity has immensely grown over the past few years. More and more people are finding the need to take DNA paternity tests for a number of reasons, especially with regards to inheritance and child maintenance cases.


Different test centers offer varying costs for DNA. The amount of money a DNA costs is at least Ksh10,000 per person. This means that if it’s a son and his alleged father the cost per person is Ksh10,000 hence overall charge is Ksh20,000. The price is also dependent on the type of test: more complex tests are pricier compared to simple tests. 

There are different types of DNA tests provided by institutions and hospitals including:

  • Sibling test
  • Paternity test
  • Infidelity test
  • Prenatal DNA
  • Ancestry Test 
  • Legal DNA test 
  • Family Relationship test
  • Forensic DNA test 

A DNA test can be carried out using blood, hair, a cheek swab, nails and chewing gum. Genetic markers are used in DNA tests. 

DNA Facilities in Kenya

Kenya has a number of facilities offering DNA tests. They include:

Biometrics Institute of Kenya (KIBs)

KIBs has a 99% success rate and the facility has performed over 1,200 tests. The charge of a 24-marker DNA test for both child and alleged father is about Ksh20,000. The 44-marker test costs Ksh 35,000 for both parties involved. They offer paternity tests, prenatal test, sibling test and ancestry test. 24 marker is mostly carried out among father, mother and child while the 44-marker is between siblings. 

Kenyatta National Hospital 

They have a 99% accuracy rate with DNA prices ranging between Ksh 10,000 and Ksh30,000. 

Nairobi Hospital

A renowned private hospital in the country, Nairobi Hospital offers a number of tests including paternity test. They do easy DNAs to more complex ones. The costs tend to be pricey at Nairobi Hospital. 

American Embassy 

They offer relationship tests, and paternity tests. They charge a specimen collection fee of $45 per person and tests are paid for before the scheduled date of appointment. 


KEMRI Human DNA identification laboratory is also called HID laboratory. It is a leading DNA testing center in the region with facilities that meet international standards. Being primarily a research institute, they are keen on initiating and collaborating in the area of DNA forensics. 

They serve both private clients and those referred from courts. Their testing involves paternity testing, forensic DNA testing and family relationship testing.

Lancet Kenya 

They do Y-chromosome analysis and legal consent. The facility does fifteen different DNA loci to establish accurate results. DNA is affordable and paid for using credit cards or cash. 

EasyDNA Kenya

They conduct paternity test, legal DNA testing, infidelity DNA test, relationship samples and discreet DNA samples. They have carried out about 300,000 tests so far with the cost being at least Ksh24,000. They use the 21 genetic marker. 

SepiDNA Kenya

They use the 16-marker DNA test and the facility is located in Westlands.  They have presence across Africa and have conducted over 300,000 tests. They offer forensic DNA test, Ancestry and genealogy DNA test, identity DNA test, paternity test, immigration DNA test and DNA maternity test.

Metropolis Star Lab Kenya

Metropolis Healthcare Ltd first created a footprint in Kenya through the acquisition of Star Biotech Labs and Diagnostic Ltd in 2013. They have 7 laboratories and 2 collection centers in Nairobi, Mombasa, Machakos and Kisumu. 

PathCare Kenya Limited

In Nairobi, they are located on Regal Plaza, Limuru road. They offer paternity tests. PathCare is a private Kenyan owned laboratory started in 2002 and working in collaboration with PathCare South Africa.  They have branches in different parts of the country with plans to continue expanding their geographical footprint. They have over 18 years experience and more than 10,000 happy clients.