Cyprian Osoro: From Being Homeless to Co-Hosting The Trend Show on NTV

Cyprian Osoro: From Being Homeless to Co-Hosting The Trend Show on NTV
Cyprian Osoro Photocredit/Courtesy

Cyprian Osoro has established himself as one of Kisii’s leading media personalities. He has shows on Enka radio and NTV’s The Trend. He is also a producer and stage actor who hosts the Mkisii Ni Mkisii comedy night.

Here is the story of the comedian as told by WoK.

Humble beginnings

The once homeless Osoro has worked his way up, partnering with fellow comedian Victor Nyaata, whom he met in 2012. In an interview with a local news website, Osoro revealed that they were both homeless and were staying at a friend’s place in a Nairobi slum.

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“We met at a friend’s house at Kawangware when were trying to figure out life. Since we were both actors, we started working on set books for Heartstrings,” he said.

Osoro disclosed that having grown up in the village, Nyaata had a bit of difficulty adjusting to city life.

“He used to do things funnily. For instance he had trouble using tea bags. His actions had our colleagues saying kweli mkisii ni mkisii tu (a Kisii is a Kisii),” he said.

The tagline coincidentally gave birth to their Mkisii Ni Mkisii enterprise, and they became the first people to make vines in Ekegusii. Osoro and Nyaata were then contracted by Viusasa to do scripts in Ekegusii.

L-R: Cyprian Osoro And fellow comedian Victor Nyaata Photocredit/Courtesy

The duo grew from creating content online to hosting hugely successful shows through which they give back to the community. “All our shows have been successful. We bring on board musicians from Kisii, and we pay transport accommodation and performance fees. We also employ ushers and hire sound and lighting equipment.”

Working at NTV

Through his craft, Osoro eventually became a writer for NTV’s Wicked Edition and creative producer for the show Living with Ess, hosted by Sharon Mundia. He switched from being behind the scenes to being in the spotlight, co-hosting The Trend show with Amina Abdi, which he admits he enjoys.

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Other than organizing shows, Osoro’s company also offers consultancy services. He mentions that his success so far surprises him sometimes, adding that he never imagined being a force to reckon with in the media industry.

On plans, the young man revealed that they had planned to tour several countries but had cancelled. “We wanted to extend our shows to Abagusii in the diaspora but got caught up in the US visa issue. We also considered visiting the US and UK as our fans have asked for us. We also plan a mega homecoming in Kisii. We are not the best, but God chose us,” said Osoro, who also plans on getting into talent management.

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