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Dennis Mbae Profile: He Had Given His Life To Christ But His Criminal Past Caught Up With Him

Dennis Mbae’s life was cut short on Monday, 6th June 2022 after he was gunned down by an unidentified assailants. His car was sprayed with bullets, fatally injuring him. He was rushed to the Embu level 5 Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. A witness told the media that at the time of the shooting, he was in the company of a young woman. In the confusion and adrenaline that followed the shooting, they paid little attention to the woman.

Here is the story of Dennis Mbae as told by WoK.


A source at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) told The Standard that Mbae was a class six school dropout. The deceased was born in Tharaka Nithi and raised in Embu. He attended Embu County Primary School.

He lost both of his parents while in class six forcing him to drop out of school. While in school, one of his classmates, described him as a soft spoken person who never picked fights. 


Since he was a secretive man, it was hard for people to know about his dealings. One thing that stands out, however, is that he was a jack of all trades. He owned a restaurant, a pig farm, a car wash, a dairy farm and a bar. 

A source told the media that after leaving school, he heard nothing about Mbae until he was an adult. At the time, he was allegedly involved in the illegal chang’a business. He operated it at Embu’s Majengo slums. Later, he would make a fortune for himself. 

Many saw him as their knight and shinning armor. One of his drivers says the slain businessman took him through school and afterwards paid for his driving school. He then promised to help him get a job with the police service, where he had reportedly helped more than 30 young men secure jobs. He was also praised by others for his charitable efforts. It is said that he helped about 100 youths in Embu to start their boda boda business. 

Witness Accounts 

On the fateful day, he met with his driver at his pig farm, which was close to his Dallas home. While there, he talked to the workers and paid his suppliers. In the afternoon, he embarked on the journey to his restaurant called Casablanca where he stayed the rest of  the day. The driver noted that Mbae appeared distressed. He kept on receiving calls from a private number. The caller would hang up after a few minutes. At 10pm, the driver was told to go home. It shook him to the core when he received the call that the businessman had been shot and he rushed to the scene. 

Another person who knew him was a 27-year-old he hired to transport ‘muguku’ to Nairobi. The man said they first met in 2014. He got into an accident in Nyeri and Mbae stopped the business saying it wasn’t very profitable. He said that while Mbae had previously participated in criminal activities, he had mended his ways. Apparently, the death of Blackish and Mugermany, his close allies, prompted him to change. The two were killed by police officers. In fact, the informant, recalled how the late Dennis was not bothered by the theft of Sh3 million from his house. He simply said it was payment for his former vices. The same person also recalls that in line with his reformation, Mbae even began attending services at the Anglican Church of Kenya. The man said that on 6th Mbae paid him his Sh10,000, saying he wouldn’t want to die with anyone’s debt. The driver said a woman had kept on calling and threatening his life. 

Criminal Activities 

While others viewed Mbae as a reformed man and a charitable one, to some he was a criminal. A DCI officer said he dealt in marijuana trafficking and illegal guns trade. He also had connections in the police service and was always there during change in leadership ceremonies at the Embu County Police. 

Criminal database also indicates, he served a sentence at the Embu GK Prison. He left prison after appealing his case. Since then, he has faced suspicion over involvement in drugs trafficking, murder and robbery with violence. 

In 2014, Dennis Mbae faced suspicions over the murder of a businessman in Embu’s Shauri Estate. 

In 2018, he was arrested over bhang trafficking allegations and released on a Sh300,000 Cash bail. 


Those who knew him, said he had been involved with more than 15 women and had sired about 30 children. Whenever his relationships went sour, he would ask the women not to leave with the kids. A 2021 raid on his house revealed he had 15 children staying with him. At the time, they were under the care of two nannies. 


In 2017, Dennis Mbae unsuccessfully vied for the Kirimari ward MCA ticket on a Maendeleo Chap Chap party ticket.

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