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The Richest People in Trans-Nzoia County And Their Investments

Trans-Nzoia County located in the North Rift region of Kenya is regarded as the food basket of Kenya owing to its large scale farming of Kenya’s staple food. The residents are also heavily reliant on other agricultural ventures such as tea farming, dairy farming and sugarcane growing.

Owing to the fact that the region is a cosmopolitan county, the people have learnt to coexist and maintain peace for the benefit of their lives. This has served to boost the economic growth of Trans-Nzoia.

The renovation of the Kitale-Kisumu Highway has also served to boost the county’s economic activities. Recently, the county government also set up an ultramodern bus park in Kitale effectively putting to an end of the shameful tag of a ‘town without a stage.’

Just like other regions, the County is home to established billionaires and multi-millionaires as this article will reveal some of the richest people in the county.

Khetia Family 

The family is arguably the wealthiest in Trans-Nzoia. They own a chain of supermarkets with branches spread not only in the western region but also across the country.

Khetias Supermarket merger with Society Stores which was owned by Trushar Khetia propelled the brand to one of the largest retail chains in Kenya. The journey of Khetias Drapers Limited (KDL) began in 1982 when they began hawking household items using a pickup. They had a small shop located in Kitale’s Laini Moja.

Trushar Khetia [Photo|Courtesy]

Their first supermarket was set up in Bungoma in 1994 in Bungoma. In Kitale, Khetias Supermarket owns a multi-million warehouse located in the outskirts of the town.

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Ibrahim Ambwere 

Ambwere’s life journey exemplifies the story of rags to riches as he rose from abject poverty and illeteracy to build a multi-million empire. The tycoon was once employed as a sweeper, then took a job for an Asian mason identified as Karam Singh who later relocated from Kenya and sold some of his stuff to Ambwere at a throwaway price.

Ibrahim Ambwere in his Kitale home. [Photo|Standardmedia]

Ambwere’s breakthrough moment came when he won a tender to supply hospital beds at Kaimosi Hospital in the ’70s. Ambwere made enough money and began purchasing prime land in various towns in western Kenya. He currently owns commercial buildings in Kitale, Kakamega, Chavakali and Kisumu. The tycoon lives in Kitale and his Ambwere plaza is rented by a number of government parastatals like the National Social Security Fund (NSSF). Even though he is estimated to be worth billions he never wants to reveal his net worth.

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Kittony Family

The family of retired KANU strongwoman Zipporah Kittony has diverse interests in media, hospitality and agriculture. Kiprono Kittony, a son to Zipporah Kittony is linked to Radio Africa Group which owns Kiss FM, Star Newspaper, Radio Jambo,  Classic 105 among others.

In Trans-Nzoia County, the Kittony family owns the luxurious Cranes Haven Resort, Sirwo Resort and Cranes suites.

Kittony owns a large farm dubbed Sirwo in Trans Nzoia county. At the farm, he plants tea, and coffee, and keeps livestock and bees. The enterprising businessman is the brains behind the Sirwo brand of coffee and honey.

Kiprono Kittony’s networth is into billions. He serves as the Board Chair of the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

Retired athlete Moses Kiptanui 

Moses Kiptanui hails from Cherangany Constituency where he owns approximately 100 acres of land that is under dairy farming.

The former 3000 m steeplechase athlete is a master in dairy farming and does his own breeding to ensure he gets high yields. In his farm, there are more than 100 cows and the least  producing gives 15 litres of milk daily.

He has also diversified into real estate and owns the Komora Centre in Eldoret’s main stage.

Kiptanui is also the proprietor of Tulin chain of supermarkets in Eldoret, Kachibora and Cherangany.

Allan Chesang

The serial entrepreneur turned politician is one of the wealthiest people in the county. He is a close ally to President William Ruto and won the county’s senatorial seat on the UDA ticket in the 2022 General Elections.

Allan Chesang in a past photo. [Photo|Courtesy]

According to Chesang, he made his first million when he represented Kenya in a table tennis tournament held in Congo Brazzaville. Through his exemplary skills, he inked a deal with a French club which also paid him a six digit salary.

Chesang currently owns a chain of clubs with the name Club Blend located in Nairobi, Thika and Meru. He is also linked to Craft Lounge in Westlands and Garage Club in Thika. The entrepreneur also operates a clearing and forwarding company called Uplift Express.

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Paresh Tanna

He’s a silent tycoon who has avoided the limelight and is largely unknown even to Kitale residents. The businessman who schooled at Kitale School in the pre-colonial period is the owner of One Tanna Towers, a multi-million 12 floor building located opposite Transmatt Supermarket in Kitale CBD.

Noah Wekesa

The politician represented Kwanza Constituency for four terms and was also a cabinet minister in previous regimes. He still actively participates in politics and was influential in the formation of the Jubilee Party through dissolution of multiple parties and merging them. The former Education minister owns large tracks of land in Trans-Nzoia. He is also among the largest sugarcane farmers in the county and is on record encouraging locals to continue with the venture despite other politicians recommending otherwise.

Daniel Muri 

He is the quintessential entrepreneur who has reshaped the public transport investment in the county. Daniel Muri is the man behind Kangaroo Shuttle which owns a fleet of over 100 Toyota Hiace minibuses.

The journey of Kangaroo Shuttle began with only a dream of streamlining the chaotic public service vehicle investment. Kangaroo Shuttle ensures all its vehicles are compliant with set out rules and prioritizes quality service delivery for passengers.

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