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DJ Bunney Biography, Real Name, Husband, Children, Background & Career

By Prudence Minayo

DJ Bunney 254, real name Judith Kwamboka, is one of the best and most popular female DJs in Kenya. She got her moniker ‘Bunny’ from her late husband after a game character on his phone. She would always lose the game whose mission was to protect the bunny from being killed. He started calling her bunny and his friends picked the name too. Upon his demise, the DJ kept the name slightly changing it to read Bunney. 

Her fans call her the dancing DJ because she can’t stand still while deejaying, she just has to move along with the music. 

Husband & Children

The popular DJ was born and raised in Kisii. Growing up, she listened to various kinds of Ekigusii music. 

The music lover got married to her husband in 2011. They were blessed with one daughter whom she sites as her greatest motivation. Unfortunately, she lost her husband while still in her twenties through a tragic road accident. 

“In 2015, I lost my husband in a road crash. I was not even thirty and we had only been married for four years,” she told the Daily Nation. 

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Despite having ambitions of becoming a DJ from a young age, she pursued a career in Information Technology. It seemed like a safer option since she did not know where to kick start her career as a DJ. Besides, at the time it was a male dominated field. This, plus her mother could not entertain the thought of her daughter becoming a disc jockey at the time. Her mother is currently one of her greatest supporters. 

Becoming a DJ

The young Judith dreamt of becoming a DJ. This dream began when she joined a church youth group. They would dance in church and take part in traditional dances. She then discovered gym dances and tropical music, which are now her favorite. 

To keep this dream alive, she bought a woofer soon after completing high school. Her husband encouraged her to pursue her dream, especially because of her free spirit. 

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Following the death of her husband, she was plagued with stress and sadness. She was often under medication due to ulcers. The sudden death of her husband made it hard for her to cope and she needed to do something to ease the pain

She received the bereavement money and bought a DDJ-RB, a free music management software that uses a Rekordbox. It cost her Ksh20,000. DJ Bunney began reading blogs and watching YouTube videos on how to become a DJ. 

While still holding her IT job, she would practice deejaying in the evening with her mother and daughter acting as her audience. She grew her skill and eventually became a popular DJ. She credits other DJs for supporting her in the journey. 

Compiling her videos

Her journey began in 2017 and she posted her compilations on Facebook and Instagram. She would often do social media live on either Facebook or Instagram.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, most people were being entertained by her in the comfort of their home. Her fame has grown immensely and she has performed in a number of big events. Her advice to others is that learning something new is possible even at the comfort of your own home. Just set a specific time and be willing to commit to it.