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DJ Fatxo Breaks Down After Confrontation With Jeff Mwathi’s Mother, Demands Justice

Mugithi singer Lawrence Njuguna, otherwise known as DJ Fatxo recently broke down following a heated confrontation with the late Jeff Mwathi’s mother, Ann Wacuka.

The entertainer had been accused of having a hand in the gruesome death of Mwathi who reportedly died inside his house.

However, after months of intense investigations, the Mugithi singer was acquitted of murder charges in the death of the deceased interior designer.

DJ Fatxo’s lawyer, Duncan Okatch, stated that after reviewing findings from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the Office of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) exonerated DJ Fatxo and ordered an inquest into Mwathi’s death.

“Pursuant to extensive investigations, the DCI came up with findings and forwarded that file to the DPP. The DCI did not find an iota of culpability that links our client to the said death or that purports to say that our client has any grey area in terms of Mwathi’s death,” Okatch said.

Following the new development, DJ Fatxo wan invited for an interview with Massawe Jappani on Radio Jambo.

On the program dubbed, Ilikuaje, the entertainer was asked to give his account of what happened on the fateful night Mwathi died.

He also spoke on his relationship with Mwathi’s mother, detailing how he was blocked from accessing the family which he said had believed he killed their son.

“They have already made their mind that I killed their son. It’s very hard for me, I wish I would meet Jeff’s mother and talk to her. I would wish to share my side of the story with her. She is not viewing this from the fact that I wanted to help her son

“If you wanted to kill someone will you take them to your house? I have a brand and I know how to protect it,” DJ Fatxo said.

It was also during the same interview that Wacuka was put on phone to talk to the DJ whom he accused she says is responsible for her son’s death.

“Whatever he did is very bad and God will punish him for that. This case has also proved how hard it is to get justice in this country

“DJ Fatxo is responsible for my son’s death because it he had nothing to do with it, that incident would not have happened. That DJ is a killer and he is behind my son’s death, there is nothing he can tell me to change my mind about that,” Wacuka said.

Through the conversation, DJ Fatxo could be seen fighting back his tears until he could not do it anymore.

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Elsewhere, Wacuka later blasted Radio Jambo claiming that the phone conversation was recorded before the interview.

In a TikTok Live, she stated that the call was not streaming live but was a recording of a call she had with the station earlier this week.

“You called me in the morning at 11:42 am and you recorded me then you later play it for the listeners to hear. Surely you should have called me when he was there,” she said.

Wacuka noted that the station should have informed her that DJ Fatxo was appearing on the show and instead have a live conversation with him.

“You should have called me when he was there so that he responds to questions, not calling then you record me and later pretend that you were calling so you play that audio. You could have called me so that we have a one-on-one talk,” she added.

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