DJ Fatxo: Profile Of Successful Mugithi Singer, His Most Trying Moment

Lawrence Njuguna, otherwise known as DJ Fatxo is a popular DJ and Mugithi singer.

DJ Faxto who was initially deejaying gained massive popularity after releasing his debut Mugithi song, Ndi Mang’a, making him an instant celebrity.

In this article, WoK looks at his background, deejaying career, music career and his alleged involvement in a recent ’suicide incident’ at his house.


DJ Fatxo hails from Nyandarua County.

Nyandarua is the home to a number of Mugithi musicians among them Samwel ‘Samidoh’ Muchoki and Jose Gatutura.

DJ Fatxo is the only child in his family and a proud father of one kid.

In February 2022, the entertainer gifted his parents a fully furnished modern house to mark the year’s Valentine’s Day.

In a special message that he shared online, the DJ appreciated his dad for teaching him how to be strong in bad times among other vital life lessons.

“Thank you, Mom, for showing me how to be kind to everyone. Thank you, Dad, for showing me how to be strong in the bad times. I owe so much to both of you! Everything that I learned in life, is from you two,” he wrote.

DJ Fatxo: Profile Of Successful Mugithi Singer, His Most Trying Moment


A few days after the heartfelt surprise, DJ Fatxo gifted his girlfriend a new car, noting that it was an expression of love as she celebrates her birthday.

“Somebody help me wish this pretty soul a Happy Birthday. I promised myself that i will come back for those that starved with me. Enjoy your new machine and never stop praying for your boyfriend,” he posted.

Sabina Chege

In January 2023, DJ Fatxo was forced to address his alleged relationship with former Murang’a Women Representative Sabina Chege.

Reports online indicated that the two were in a relationship and that the former MP was the one who bought him his new car, a Mercedes Benz.

However, DJ Fatxo argued that the relationship between himself and Sabina is purely business and they remain good friends.

He also insisted that he bought his car using his hard-earned money.

“I wish, not in bad blood, but that matter has been thrown underwater and we cannot argue over issues that do not make sense

“I respect Sabina Chege so much as a politician and actually I don’t even have a photo with her. We do not have even a single photo of together as friends or even during campaigns, we do not have any,” he said.

Deejaying career

As a deejay, DJ Fatxo played in different places including Kenyatta University (KU) TV where he was the resident DJ.

Thanks to competition from other established DJs, he had a difficult time breaking even until he joined Sailors Gang as their official DJ.

With the popularity that came with his new gig and his interaction with his fellow Kikuyu artistes, he launched his music career.

Music career

After successfully making his name in the deejaying industry, DJ Fatxo started composing his own Mugithi songs.

His debut song subbed Ndi Mang’a was well received as it amassed over 2.8 million views just eight months after its official release.


For the better part of Wednesday, March 8, 2023, DJ Fatxo was trending following the mysterious death of a 23-year-old man in his house.

According to a statement at Kasarani Police Station, DJ Fatxo and to other men identified as his cousin and driver said Geoffrey Mwathi allegedly fell from the 10th floor of Redwood Apartments along USIU Road.

On February 21, 2023, the deceased was contracted by DJ Fatxo to refurbish the decor of his shop and an office.

An excited Mwathi left his home to meet with the DJ and discuss the specifics of the job and he even asked his mother who lives in Qatar for Ksh 200 fare.

He linked up with the musician and after discussing the job at hand, Mwathi accompanied him to different nightclubs where he was set to perform.

Later at around 3 am, CCTV footage showed the musician, Mwathi, and three ladies arriving at DJ Fatxo’s apartment.

DJ Fatxo and the three ladies left the house at around 4 am leaving Mwathi in the house with two other men.

The footage also showed the two men surveying the ground floor of the building at around 5:30 am, moments before Mwathi’s body came down flying and hit the ground face down.

The grieving family dismissed the suicide theory advanced by the DJ and the two men saying that the deceased never considered taking his own life.