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DJ Joe Mfalme Biography, Real Name, Age, Career, Wife, Awards And Controversy

Taking a career as a DJ was frowned upon by society until recently. This change has been brought about by the money some of these entertainers make and an increased demand for their services.

DJs are now a must in parties, clubs, radio stations, churches and TV stations. Some have made quite a big name for themselves including DJ Joe Mfalme who is one of the most sought after disc jockeys in the country.

The award winning DJ has performed in some of the biggest stages locally and internationally. He has worked with one of the biggest radio stations in the country for more than a decade and is known for his diversity as he can play all kinds of music genres. 

At a young age, DJ Joe desired to become a deejay one day. He drew inspiration from the likes of DJ Pinye. He also spent a huge chunk of his time listening to other international DJs and found a way to incorporate their music mixing techniques. 

He held on to this dream and today he is a household name in Kenya having performed at Capital FM, K24 and Trace Africa. His favorite music genres are: dancehall, crunk and old school hip hop. 

In 2020, he launched his own trendy sports bar called The Tap along Baricho road, Nairobi. 

DJ Joe Mfalme In Official Wear Image/Courtesy

Real Name

His real name is Joseph Mwenda Munoru. 


He was born on 9th December 1987. 


In 2008, he took his interest  to the next level by entering the Pilsner Mfalme DJ competition. He came second in the competition and attracted the attention of Capital FM.

They hired him as their resident deejay and he worked for the station for nearly a decade. DJ Joe Mfalme became synonymous with the station. 

After 12 years at Capital FM, he announced his exit from the station in 2021. 

I would like to thank the Capital FM family for giving an opportunity to a young man from Meru who had dreams of entertaining people through the art of deejaying. I have made some of my best memories working with Capital FM Kenya and I will eternally be grateful to them for the growth and opportunity awarded to me,” he said. 

While still with the station, he performed at a number of big events including Big Brother Africa 2010-11, 2010 World Cup parties in South Africa, Dallas Memorial Kenyan Reunion party 2010-11 USA and the 2010 Pilsner Mfalme Hottest Media DJ in Kenya. 

The Disk jockey also runs a company that offers deejay services to corporates, gigs, family events and celebrations among others. After his exit from Capital FM he joined Homeboyz Radio where he did not last. 


Ephy Preston
DJ Joe Mfalme And His Wife Ephy Preston Image/Courtesy

DJ Joe Mfalme is married to Ephy Preston. 


In 2009, he went against other DJs from other local radio stations and bagged the award for Best Media DJ. 

In 2016, he won Best DJ Africa AFRIMMA Award. 


DJ Joe Mfalme Biography, Real Name, Age, Career, Wife, Awards And Controversy
DJ Joe Mfalme When He Was Joining Homeboyz Radio Image/Courtesy

The DJ move to Homeboyz radio did not end so well after he found his name dragged in the mud for making remarks deemed to be insensitive on air alongside his co-presenters Shaffie Weru and Neville.

The trio were seen to defend a man who had thrown 20 year old Eunice Wangari from a 12th floor building for refusing his sexual advances. A statement  from Homeboyz Radio General Manager Somoina Kimojino terminating the services of the three read in part: 

“The comments of said erstwhile employees, were neither authorized, approved nor cleared with the company nor was the subject discussed and/or authorized by the company’s senior leadership. We are deeply disappointed in their conduct……” 

DJ Joe Mfalme Biography, Real Name, Age, Career, Wife, Awards And Controversy
Shaffie Weru, Joseph Munoru (DJ Mfalme) and Neville Muysa were fired for making remarks deemed to be insensitive Image/Courtesy

……..We have determined that their conduct constitutes gross misconduct and an egregious breach of the company’s editorial policies. The company and its subsidiaries do not condone gender-based violence or any form of physical, verbal and emotional abuse nor does it subscribe to the view shared by the three employees.”

Building his mother a house

The DJ gifter his mother with a beautiful house. He said of the house and the career path he chose:

DJ Joe Mfalme Biography, Real Name, Age, Career, Wife, Awards And Controversy
House for his mother from Image/Courtesy

“When I choose to become a DJ I’ll never forget how some people laughed at us in shaggz and some discouraging me and telling my parents “kijana yako sasa amekua mkora