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Johnstone Muthama Bio, Businesses And Alleged Sickness

Former Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama is one of the most prominent figures in opposition political circles. He was the cog that kept the NASA Coalition led by Raila Odinga in motion ahead of the emotive 2017 general elections that nearly tore the country right in the middle. Muthama and Siaya Senator James Orengo where the faces of defiance when the presidential election were announced in favor of President Uhuru Kenyatta. He has now joined DP William Ruto camp and is the United Democratic Alliance party chairperson. Away from politics, Muthama is a shrewd businessman whose ‘little’ education has not hindered him from joining the shilling billionaire club.

Politics and Business
He quickly rose to become one of the most recognizable politicians when he was elected as Kangundo MP in 2007. Muthama went on to serve as first Machakos Senator under the new constitutional dispensation. In August 2017 election, the former senator did not vie for any political seat. Known for speaking his mind, Muthama criticized Wiper Democratic Party (WPD) leader Kalonzo Musyoka for being despotic. This was informed by Kalonzo’s decision to back Wavinya Ndeti instead of Bernard Kiala to contest for the Machakos gubernatorial seat against Muthama’s wishes who was vouching for the latter.

Muthama has been a State guest for making remarks that are deemed to be hate speech. At one time he invited the Head of State Uhuru Kenyatta for a boxing bout at Uhuru Park. His exact words:

“Mimi nataka kumwambia na naalika Uhuru Kenyatta na mheshimiwa Ruto pale Uhuru Park bila askari na mimi na Orengo tuvae gloves tukutane Uhuru Park tuonyeshe kilicho nyoa kanga manyoya;unatisha Raila kana nani?(I want to invite Uhuru and Ruto for a duel at Uhuru Park with Orengo and myself; who are you to threaten Raila?”


Rockland Kenya
Before he entered politics, Mr Muthama was and is still one of the biggest players in the mining sector. Through his company Rockland Kenya, Muthama took control of American geologist John Saul’s mining pits. Muthama’s rubies, still referred to as John Saul mines internationally, are the most sought after in the international market. The straight shooting politician, who was introduced to the lucrative business by his uncle Francis Kalinzoya, has pits in Tsavo and in Tanzania.

Muthama Gemstone (K) Ltd

The clueless boy who had been introduced to the lucrative mining business by his uncle was a fast learner whose sights were set on the big league. In July 1990, Muthama had registered Muthama Gemstone Limited. Buoyed by new markets in Asia, Muthama Gemstone started buying rubies worth millions from Rockland Kenya then owned by John Saul. In 1992, Saul transferred all ruby pits to Rockland Kenya from Rockland International Corporation and wound up all operations in Kenya. Muthama Gemstone signed an agreement with Creative Gems & Jewelry to buy all rubies from Rockland Kenya in the 90s.

Nina Marie Ltd

It’s a clothing retail venture and one of the little known business interest by Muthama.

Offshore accounts

The foe turned ally of Kalonzo Musyoka was among the super rich Kenyans who had stashed kes51.1 billion in the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Bank (HBSC) in Switzerland over a four year period. The leak by a former HBSC employee exposed how politicians stash colossal sums of money in foreign banks. Muthama, however, came out to admit the existence of such accounts which he said had since been closed. According to the Swiss leaks, the legislator had two accounts named Rockland96 and 20443NM. The Swiss leak read in part:

“HSBC files recorded Muthama’s name in connection with the client account ‘ROCKLAND96’, which was set up in 1996 and closed in 2000. Johnstone Muthama was also linked to the numbered client account ‘20443NM’ over the same period. Bank files listed eight of his relatives also linked to the numbered account. The leaked files do not specify the exact role he had in relation to the accounts.”

The report further states that a certain Kenyan had kes3billion in what is seen as a reference to Muthama.

Net worth of Muthama

He ranks among the richest Kenyans. His wealth runs in billions.
Other interesting facts about Muthama

The former senator is a class seven drop out and this is seen as the reason why he did not vie for the Machakos gubernatorial seat. He was to later joined Gemological Institute of America to further his understanding of gemstones.

Favorite meals: nduma, ngwaci and sorghum porridge
Children: Eleven
Married: Five times


The former Machakos senator was said to be fighting for his life after he got infected with coronavirus. According to an article appearing on weeklycitizen titled “Covid-19 attack robs Muthama speech, mobility abilities”, the politician was on a ventilator at the MP Shah Hospital in Nairobi for two months. Part of the article reads:

Because of being in a coma for such a long time and being kept alive only by pure oxygen, Muthama’s organs nearly collapsed because of not being put into use. When Muthama finally came to life after all those days, it was discovered that he had lost his power of speech as well as of walking. At the moment, it is said, Muthama is undergoing intensive therapy to make him learn to speak again.

But these reports seems to be unfounded as Muthama addressed a meeting at the Coast attended by aspirants and supporters of the Deputy President William Ruto. The UDA chairman had to flee when police stormed the venue disrupting the meeting prematurely.

Muthama said they were conducting elections and anyone was free to join.

“We are yet to conduct elections so anyone is welcome,” He went on to affirm that the DP knew what he was upto:

“Do not worry about Ruto now. He knows what he is doing……”