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Dj Mo Biography, Background, Age, Education, Wife, Children, Reality TV Show And Businesses

By Cliff Njoki

DJ Mo-not to be confused with DJ Moh Spice-is many things in one. A renowned gospel DJ, businessman, father, husband and now a reality TV star in the mold of Bahati. His journey to stardom and fortune has not been any easy and a remainder that all is possible with the right attitude and determination. The award winning DJ experimented with drugs, a past he regrets. Here is what this writer was able to gather about DJ Mo. 

Age And Real Name

The DJ was born in 1987. His real name is Sammy Muraya. 


He spent his formative years in nakuru. DJ Mo studied at Maragua Primary before joining Lanet High School in Nakuru for his O-levels. In an interview with Standard’s Shirley Genga, the father of two admitted that he was not book smart. He later joined Spin Rage, where he learned his trade. 

Background-Early Life

The crossover official DJ is the first born in a family of three. He has two sisters and has a very close relationship with his mother. Sammy was raised in Nairobi and Nakuru. While he was in high school, the teen stayed with his grandmother in Nakuru. It’s during his high school phase of his life that he realised he had an ear for music. After high school in 2004, he shared with his mother his desire to pursue music and she agreed. 

Trying Time Of His Life 

His life took a turn for the worse after high school. He engaged in risky lifestyle and drunk himself to lunacy. The DJ termed that as his “darkest period of my life”. He would get into fights when he was high making him a guest of the state every so often. His mother was helpless and could only pray for his first born son. He put an end to this fast paced lifestyle and gave his life to God. 

Connecting with Daniel Masawi

God had a purpose for Sammy. That same year, he got to meet Daniel Masawi who had a profound impact in his life. Masawi was involved in community initiatives and began to mentor the young man whose life was almost wasted by alcohol. 

Road To Becoming An Awarding DJ

The spark to become a DJ was ignited by DJ Nev. Sammy would attend Jesus Night held at Nairobi Cinema and watch the DJ do his thing. It’s at this point that he realized he wanted to be a DJ. He approached Nev and told him of his desires. The DJ told him about Spin Rage, his DJ school and the fee requirements. Sammy’s mother did not have the money and that’s how he ended up asking his mentor Daniel Masawi for the fees. He agreed to pay the kes20,000. 

He worked with DJ Nev for sometime before opting to go solo. Life was difficult and he recounts that 2006 to 2008 were uneventful years. He got a chance to spin at Hope FM and Power FM. DJ Mo would play at weddings and church events for as little as kes2,000. At some point he had thoughts of ditching the gospel world and cross over to the secular scene. In 2009, the now struggling DJ made it to the finals of the Pilsner Mfalme DJ competition. That same year he played at Sifa Park to a packed crowd at the All-Star Party. 

Big Break

His big break was in the year 2010. He won the Best DJ Award at the Groove Awards which was-is-a big deal. He has gone on to win  Stylus Awards & Talanta Awards.

Companies he owns 

The DJ is an entrepreneur too. Together with fellow DJ Alemba, they started System Unit that plays music for young Christians at Timers Restaurant every Sunday. System unit also deals inevent management, production and talent management, TV entertainment productions. It also runs a dejaying school and host a number of Djs Hype Men and MCs”, according to their website. 

Fees for their DJ Academy

The full course consists of six units:

  • Foundation – Ksh 15,000 Duration – 4weeks
  • Basic – Ksh 15,000 Duration – 4weeks
  • Video Mix & Scatching – Ksh 15,000 Duration – 4weeks
  • Sony Acid & Sony Vegas – Ksh 15,000 Duration – 4weeks

Brand Ambassador for the following brands 

Brand Ambassador for Broadways Bread.

Social Media influencer for. OPPO, Telkom, Safaricom.

Done Tours in UK , USA and Qatar for events..

Official DJ for Crossover 101 on NTV..


DJ Mo is married to musician Size 8. They have two children Ladasha Belle Muraya and a son who was born in 2019. The couple married in a low key affair in 2013 after months of speculation that they were an item. 

Reality TV Show 

The Muraya’s are following in the footsteps of Bahati and his wife Diana by having their own reality TV show on NTV. The first episode was aired on 1 June with mixed reviews.