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Comprehensive Insights into the Use of Margin in Forex Trading

In the world of forex trading, understanding what is margin in forex is crucial for traders, especially those operating in Kenya. Margin is essentially...
HomenewsK24 TV Employees Not Paid Salaries For The Past Two Months 

K24 TV Employees Not Paid Salaries For The Past Two Months 

Working for K24TV is an extreme sport. Stories of journalists being poached from other leading media houses and later disposed of ceased to be news. But these journalists never seem to learn from precedents. The latest casualty was Betty Kyalo whose arrival at the Kenyatta owned TV station was greeted with fanfare. Her exit was a culmination of month long tension between the journalist and her employer. 

Her colleague at the station revealed on his Instagram page that they had gone for two months without pay. Eric Njoka lashed out at MediaMax owners at their insensitivity. 

“KTN News or Standard Group has officially bought some programs on K24 TV. So, K24 staff and MediaMax as a whole will be declared redundant in a month’s time…

“They are getting rid of every person that you know, every face that you know on K24 TV, every producer, anchor, reporter, news editor that you know,” 

“We are working for a President who does not care. It seems we are children of a lesser God because no one is listening to us.”