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Doline Nyambati: Kenyan In The US Making Money Moves Selling Chapatis Via Post

The entrepreneurial and determined spirit of Kenyans makes them leverage on business opportunities and establish successful businesses beyond the country’s borders.

Doline Nyambati is one such Kenyan whose US based business centers on making Kenyan food such as mahamri, chapati and samosas and shipping them across the country through the postal service.

She also ships these delicious chapatis to Canada and UK.

Here is her story as told by WoK,

Relocating to the US 

Doline moved to the US together with her family. She recounted how she prioritized seeking certification as a certified nurse assistant where she would offer caregiving services but the job did not last. 

Starting a Business 

A new door was opened when she spotted the opportunity to sell Kenyan food. She started a business called ‘Authentic Kenyan Dishes’ that is now registered after acquiring certification in the food industry.

Nyambati said her fast selling foods are chapatis and samosas with twenty chapatis retailing at Ksh 8,100 and samosas at Ksh6,750 based on the prevailing dollar exchange rate.


One of the challenges she is facing is the difficulty to get Kenyan flavors forcing her to ship products from Kenya at times.

“I shop for Kenyan flavours from stores selling them and at times ship from home. It is a challenge to get authentic Kenyan flavors and even when you do they are pricey,” Docline was quoted.

She said she looks forward to expanding her business and diversifying it.

“I would love to maintain the African cuisine but open a sister that deals  with vegan meals whereby people are going to eat for health, we will get nutritionists and a nurse on -site to guide on different diets for different people,” added the businesswoman during the interview. 

The business woman has love for her country Kenya and wants to come back home and retire in the country.