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Eating From Dumpsites To Stardom: The Inspiring Journey Of MC Bull, Kenya’s Award-Winning Actor And Comedian

John Ndegwa, popularly known as MC Bull is an award winning actor, mc, content creator and comedian. Cumulatively, he has over one million followers across his socials and his You Tube channel.

The actor has enjoyed immense success being featured in some of the biggest films and dramas in Kenya thanks to his talent. 

This is his story as told by WoK.

Background and Education 

He was born in Maua and attended Maua Primary School. He attended Narok Boys before returning home to complete high school. Later, he pursued a diploma in journalism and mass communication. 

Mc Bull is the only boy in a family of four children. They were raised by a single mum and lived in a rental house.

Life growing up was hard and he went to school barefoot until Standard Seven. They barely had food at times and being locked out of the house because of rent was not unusual.

In a YouTube interview with Glow up with Makena, he even revealed that there were times they would scavenge for food in the dustbin with his friends as the food at home was not enough. 


Initially, his mother had wanted him to become a teacher as everyone else in the family was but he felt it wasn’t for him.

After graduating from college, he to work in mjengo before he met someone who introduced him to TV.

He ended up losing the job in 2015 during the analog to digital migration and suffered for a number of years to get a job.

While the acting world wasn’t easy, he started off working for the pranks show Naswa. Later, he got featured in other popular shows, such as, Inspekta Mwala, Varshita, Auntie Boss, Jameni and Maria. 

In 2019, he fully got into content creation and started shooting funny videos. His first video was about an eye witness account and people loved it.

This was, however, a difficult time as getting subscribers was not easy. Even after the videos went viral, he still struggled to get subscribers.

While it took him four months to get 1,000 subscribers, he pushed on and currently has more than 200k subscribers and 34 million views.

According to the funnyman, people who make it in content creation are those who do it for fun/ passion rather than with the aim of getting rich.

He also believes everyone has their own race to run and no one should try to be like another person. The actor believes his content is original as he doesn’t try to be funny, it just comes out naturally. 

In 2021, he won best supporting actor at the Kalasha awards for his role in the film Kutu.