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Eddie Butita Hits Out at Nurse Toto Critics:”Nothing Will Stop That”

Eddie Butita.
Comedian Eddie Butita has lashed out at critics of Nurse Toto. Photo/X.

Comedian Eddie Butita has come gun blazing at people critical of his show Nurse Toto.

In a post on X, Butita said people had a choice to watch what they wanted.

He also praised the team that made the web series.

“A Nurse Toto will air on Monday and every other Monday until the season ends, nothing will stop that. If it does not meet your entertainment standards, we respect that, we hope in future we will have something for you. If it does, thank you very much. Let’s continue with the journey. We have over 100 shows in Kenya, AND the country is talking about “A Nurse Toto” (a web series ). Mad respect to the amazing team that puts together this masterpiece. Tukutane Monday 11:00 AM,” Butita posted.

The show which is on season 2 was facing criticism on the X platform, with tweeps claiming it had gone flat.

“Nurse Toto Season 2 is quite boring. It’s highly curated to meet corporate needs. Editing also, is quite off — especially Audio. The hype drove viewership for Episode 1, and the fall began,” one user on X posted.

“The first season of ‘A Nurse Toto’ was genuinely enthralling, authentic, and highly enjoyable. In contrast, the second season resembles a theatrical production, with performances that appear excessively exaggerated. Consequently, the show is gradually drifting away from its charm,” another one posted.

Nurse Toto has been a popular web series in Kenya and has garnered hundreds of thousands of views every time it got published on YouTube.

It premiered on February 2023 with Wok writing about its cast which is directed and produced by Eddie Butita.

The good reviews and large fanbase have made the show land corporate advertisers among them being Safaricom.