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Elegance Redefined: Inside The Kabus’ Palatial Nairobi Home [Photos]

Bonfire Adventures proprietors Simon and Sarah Kabu are among the celebrity couples that Kenyans look up to. Their inspirational story in entrepreneurship has enabled them to gradually smash the glass ceiling together. They also attract immense attention on social media owing to their flashy lifestyle punctuated with all the finest things of life.

The couple is deep pocketed and are estimated to have a net worth of over half a billion shillings. The Kabus life basically revolves around managing their tour company as they sojourn across the globe to ensure their clients get value for their money. With this experience, they definitely have had enough sampling on various architecture designs and interior decors.

But just like many wealthy families, a house was not their first priority, rather they focused on accumulating enough money before setting up their dream home. In past tours of their house by online segments, the couple has opened the doors to expose their lavish home in Nairobi and the cameras had to zoom, focus and flash at the magnificent masterpiece.

Outdoor Experience

The five bedroom storey house is a redefinition of elegance and a reflection of the adage that says home is a place to collect memories. The compound is tastefully manicured to give you the tranquility only the rich can afford. Aware of the satisfaction that comes with producing one’s own food, the Kabus have a home garden where they grow farm fresh produce. These range from spinach, cow peas, lettuce, spring onions, tree tomatoes and a blend of fruits. According to Sarah Kabu, the idea of the garden is inspired by their village upbringing.

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We grew up in the village and the garden brings up the memories,” she told KTN Home.

Additionally, the outdoor has a gazebo which is used as a  boardroom and for dining. Beside this, there is a luxurious outdoor porch swing where visitors can relax sipping their favorite drinks.

Interior Decor

They say walls are a reflection of a person’s unique style and this is no different with the couple’s interior decor. Sarah Kabu’s interest in interior design made the family invest heavily on this aspect. They combined a blend of ordinary wallpaper with granite tiles for the living room and mural wallpaper for the children’s reading room.

One of the rooms [Photo|Courtesy]
Because lighting is referred to as the jewelry of a house, Kabus’ house is fitted with expensive crystal chandeliers.


For the sitting room, the house has a grid of the family photos, art pieces and sentimental objects on the walls. The white sofa sets are made using special fabric that doesn’t allow sticking of dirt.

Open Kitchen

The family chose an open kitchen that faces the dining room, to make it look spacious.

The kitchen

I thought of a beautiful kitchen that forms part of the house. It makes the house more spacious,” says Sarah Kabu.

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Office Room

In order to run their business efficiently, the Kabus have allocated one of their rooms for office purposes. They both have a desk used for scripting letters and reception of vital documents.

The office