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Erick Njoka Biography, Childhood , Age, Education, Career, Wife And Controversies

By Eli Odaga

TV personality Erick Njoka is one of the biggest names in the Kenyattta owned K24. The news anchor has come  a long way, from rejection (on his first TV appearance) to the seasoned TV personality that he is today. 

Having come from a fairly well to do background, Eric Njoka’s  journey to greatness has not  been  that  thorny, the only hurdle he faced was convincing his dad to allow him into the media world. His father served in parliament as a nominated MP. 

Complications After Birth

Eric Njoka was born in 1986 with a condition that nearly cost his life. The  TV man recalled how he was subjected to a series of surgical operations to save his life. The anchorman -as he normally refers himself-undergone seven surgeries since he was 2 months until he attained 17 years. 


Eric  Njoka schooled at St. Josephs High School in Githunguri, Kiambu County before  joining Tangaza College for his Diploma  in  Social Communication.  He initially intended  to graduate with a degree but resorted for a Diploma after setting  feet  into  the  journalism  world  whilst  studying.


Eric Njoka was born on January 5, 1986. He is currently aged  34  years.


Eric Njoka began his career in 2008 at the Mediamax-owned  K24  where  he  interned as a reporter  for four months before getting fully contracted to work  with the media house.  He thereafter (in 2011) transitioned  to  Standard Group’s  KTN  where he worked as  a  full time  news  anchor  alongside  likes  of (among others) Lindah Ogutu, Dennis Okari  and  Wilkister  Nyabwa.  In  2013,  Eric  was unceremoniously dismissed  from  KTN .  The  period  that  followed  the  sacking  made  him get  back  to  working  at  his  father’s morgue  until  2014  when he secured a  contract  with  Mediamax.

At  K24, Njoka had  been  co-anchoring  The  Evening  Edition  with  Karen Karimi until  late  last year when he joined  the TV’s editorial  team  following  a   restructuring  that  saw  a  massive  number  of  journalists  being  shown  the  door  owing  to  the  tough  economic  times.


Eric Njoka has no issue remaining a bachelor, reiterating he doesn’t  intend  to  see  anyone  any time soon.  The  TV hunk  had  been  dating  back in the  years  when  he was  rising  as  a  TV star. Things  however  seem  not  to have   looked  up  for him and  his lover prompting  their  break up.  Njoka  has vowed  to be single  for the rest  of his  life.


The journalist was implicated in  gayism.  He  was  thought  to  be gay but  came  out  to  clear  his  name   saying  it  had  been  a   scheme by a  group  of  extortionists who  had  tried  to  fleece  him  money.

He told Sarah Ibrahim of a plan hatched to extort from him; 

“…Rumours that I am gay and yes I will talk about it. In 2016 some guy just decided to get some money from this n*gga who looks like he is so moneyed, from this anchor who is so flamboyant. So what does he do? He collaborates with a friend and colleague in one of the universities here. Forms a profile and gets all my pictures and gets a picture of the penis or something, shares with friends and then calls me and promised to leak the information (if I don’t pay)… I said whatever, do what you gotta do. I thought he was playing with me. It’s a person I have never met or interacted with, he sounded really old, sounded so Somali (I am sorry) and he was so confident about it. He said that if I didn’t give him Sh60,000 he would expose me,” 

In  2018,  Eric  shocked  many  after  he  disclosed  that  he  doubles  up  as  a  mortician  in  a  family owned  morgue. He  said  the  business had  been set  by  his  late  father  who passionately  wanted  him to inherit  before  outsmarting  him  by joining   the  journalism  world.

He  still juggles  working  in  the  morgue  and  editing  in  the  newsroom.