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Esther Musila Biography, Age, Children, Career And Marriage

Esther Musila is a successful Kenyan career woman, mother, YouTube content creator and musician. She previously worked as a banker before securing a job with the United Nations. 

Kenyans got to know her when she got into a relationship with popular gospel artist Guardian Angel. The two became an item and a section of social media users lambasted the singer for dating a much older woman.

However, the negative comments  have not stopped them from enjoying each other’s company. In fact, she has encouraged others that it is never too late to enjoy life.

Esther Musila describes herself as God fearing and a lover of life. She loves singing and dancing and is also big on fitness. She shows that being 53 is fun plus she looks much younger than her age. 

Esther Musila Age

She was born in 1970. She turns 54 in May this year.


She is a mother of three children aged 29, 26 and 22 years old.


The mother of three is a successful career woman. She worked as a banker for five years before landing a lucrative job at the UN as she revealed on Facebook. For 18 years, she has worked as an international civil servant for the United Nations. Musila has been working in program management, running water and sanitation programs in Nepal and Lagos.

Apart from this, she has a YouTube channel with a total of 15 videos, over 18k subscribers and 1 million views. Through the channel, she shares some amazing content ranging from music videos to her fitness routine.

Fitness is one of the things she loves and it is no surprise that she has a body of a 20 year old. Through the channel, she also shared the video of the song “Roho Yangu.”

The song, which featured Guardian, was to thank God for the wonderful years she has lived. It is a hymn song which was sung in a unique way with amazing beats added to it.


Esther Musila Biography, Age, Children, Career and Relationship
Esther Musila And Guardian Angel Looking All Good Image/Courtesy

The successful career woman is in a relationship with Kenyan gospel singer Guardian Angel. Their relationship caused a stir on social platforms with some congratulating them while others criticising the fact that she was much older than Guardian Angel.

However, the two have proclaimed their love for each other and are determined to enjoy their best life without paying attention to what the critics are saying. After all, to them age is just a number and what is important is their love for each other.

In an interview with Bonga Na Jalas, she explained how the two met. She was driving to work when she heard the song “Rada,” which really touched her and she asked Maina Kageni who the singer was. Maina told her it was Guardian Angel and that day while at work she listened to the song until she learnt the lyrics.

It was after the Covid-19 outbreak, when people were asked to work from home, that the two met and with time built their relationship. Esther explained that it was her life and she would live it by her rules. That it is time to make Esther happy and that was what she was doing.

Esther Musila First Husband

Esther Musila was happily married until the cruel hand of death robbed her a husband and father to her three children. Esther’s daughter has in the past shared good memories of her late father. In one of the many emotional tributes to her father, Gilda wrote:

“Very painful to believe we lost you .you always told us “don’t let life drive you …drive life ” I’m gonna keep that with me forever. RIP my Father. The best dad in the world.”

Here are the photos of a man who obviously loved his family dearly:

Esther Musila, her husband and daughter Image/Courtesy
Esther’s husband died in the 90s Image/Courtesy