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Everlyne Muthoni Mbaabu: The Success Story Of Kenyan Owning A College And Rental Houses In Dubai

Dubai is famously known for its magnificent architecture and world-class infrastructure developments. Kenyans troop to the United Arab Emirates in search of employment. However there is this Kenyan lady who is changing the narrative by becoming an employer to hundreds of people in Dubai.

Here is the story of Everlyne Muthoni Mbaabu – the Kenyan who owns a school and rental apartments in Dubai as told by WoK

Everlyne Muthoni Mbaabu

The entrepreneur was born and raised in Central Kenya where she spent the better part of her childhood and teenage life. She comes from a humble family that is mainly involved in large scale coffee plantations.

She got exposed to the world of coffee at an early age. Little did she know that coffee will be her source of livelihood in the future. After completing her studies, she began tarmacking in search of a job opportunity.

After dropping her CV in a few offices without receiving any response, she made up her mind to relocate to Dubai in search of greener pastures. This is after she heard from her friends that there are job opportunities in Dubai.

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Relocating to Dubai

Muthoni packed all her credentials and certificates and left for Dubai in early 2015. Upon arriving in Dubai, she didn’t get the job that she had been promised. Since she was already there, she decided to try her hand in business. The businesslady quickly learnt that most people living in Dubai loved drinking a cup of espresso coffee.

With her rich background in coffee-having been exposed at a young age-she smelled an opportunity. After doing research, she capitalized on the market demand and established her own school in 2017 that trains barista students. 

Fees for training as Barrister

During an interview with Citizen TV that aired on Saturday 5th March 2022, Muthoni revealed that her courses run for three weeks before graduating. The school charges Ksh 60,000 for per student and she has so far trained over 150 baristas of African origin and have ended up working in big coffee restaurants both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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“After training my students, I assist them in writing their CV and connecting them to available job opportunities. This is because most students are afraid of looking for good jobs and most of them end up as housemaids after landing in Dubai,” revealed Muthoni during the interview.

Rental Houses

Apart from running a school, Muthoni owns a number of rental houses in the city. Her houses are mainly occupied by Africans who move to Dubai in search of job opportunities.

She charges between Ksh 15,000 to Ksh 30,000 which is quite affordable compared to other facilities in Dubai. Muthoni plans to open a branch of her school in Kenya and also create more accommodation facilities in Dubai.