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HomenewsExpensive Dog Breeds Owned by Kenyans 

Expensive Dog Breeds Owned by Kenyans 

Kenyans are increasingly investing heavily in pets. People are buying dogs for as much as half a million. Below are some of the most expensive dog breeds in Kenya. 


Considered a guard dog, the South African breed can weigh up to 91 kg. It is not considered a dog for novices as it is aggressive towards strangers and other dogs. The dog is banned in other countries, classified as dangerous in some and in others one needs a court order to own it. It has a large head, a short muzzle, well developed muscles and a strong bone structure. 


Considered good watchdogs, its characteristics include a long muscular body with short stubby legs. They are also considered quite aggressive with a 2008 study by the University of Pennsylvania showing that smaller breeds are more predisposed towards aggressive behavior. Almost 20% of 6,000 dog owners who were interviewed reported their dog had bitten a strangers. 

Expensive Dog Breeds Owned by Kenyans 
Tibetan Mastiff Photocredit/UTL KENYA

Tibetan Mastiff

This is a large sized primitive dog that often sleeps during the day and is active at night. They are strong willed and require expert training and is not considered a great dog for novices owners. Most consider them intimidating, aloof, stubborn and protective

Great Dane

The dog is of German origin and is one of the largest domesticated dogs with male hounds growing up to 90cm. It is considered by many as outgoing and friendly. It is tolerable towards other dogs and seeks physical affection from people. A properly trained great Dane is good with children. 


This is a large Caucasian shepherd dog that is bold, fierce in a threatening situation and friendly towards family. 


They are characterized by wide heads and shoulders, a short muzzle and thick skin folds on the brow. They are known for getting along well with other dogs and being good with children


This is a German breed that has a square frame and a muscular breed. They are great family pets considered intelligent, protective and loyal. They require early training as they are considered stubborn and need to be socialized early enough. 

German Shepherd

They are intelligent, curious dogs which are protective towards their owners. They make for loyal and loving companions. 

Labrador retriever 

It is a friendly, playful and energetic dog. It was bred for hunting and sports and can get trained as a rescue  or guide dog. 


It is an intelligent dog breed that matures slowly. They require enough stimulation as they easily get bored.