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Ferdinand Waititu Net Worth And Properties He Owns

His bare knuckle style of politics has earned Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu admirers and detractors in almost equal measure. When he was Embakasi MP, the populist legislator was known for leading charged youths to oppose demolition of houses in his constituency. Waititu, together with the marauding youths, would engage police in running battles. He was suspended as Water assistant minister by President Mwai Kibaki after he was charged with incitement to violence and hate speech. The Governor said at the time: “Tunasema hiyo Wamaasai wote hatuwataki hapa Kayole” (We are saying today that we do not want Maasais in Kayole). “Wamaasai wote ni lazima waondoke, ni watanzania na hawana vitambulisho” (All Maasais must leave; they are from Tanzania and without identification cards).
His brand of politics however seemed to resonate well with the populace and after he lost the Nairobi gubernatorial seat in 2013, Waititu went on to capture the Kiambu parliamentary seat left vacant by George Muchai who was shot dead by unknown assailants.

Being elected Governor
Baba Yao went on to trounce William Kabogo in what was seen as a David vs Goliath clash. The former Kiambu Governor was accused of demeaning the electorate and all the odds were stacked against him. On the other hand, Ferdinand Waititu, who is not originally from Kiambu, was pushing the right buttons and easily sailed through. He is remembered for breaking into drinking dens and destroying third generation alcohol which was destroying the youth in the constituency. These kind of ‘tackling the problem there and then’ made him a likable politician.

Reports of poor working relationship with his deputy James Nyoro are well documented. During a church service attended by the Deputy President William Ruto, the Governor accused his deputy of ‘making too much noise’.

How much is Ferdinand Waititu worth?
The Kiambu Governor has denied reports making heavy rotation on social media linking him to corrupt dealings. A social media user accused Waititu of awarding his wife and children contracts worth kes573 million.

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Properties he owns
Prime properties at the heart of Nairobi
The Governor owns three properties in the CBD. He has however rubbished reports that he bought the prime properties using public money in less than a year since taking office. The properties are estimated at kes1.8 billion.

Home in Nairobi
The Governor has a palatial home in Nairobi
Ferdinand Waititu Net Worth And Properties He Owns
Personal car
He owns a Mercedes limousine and a Range Rover

Transport business
The Governor has 50 lorries which he acquired before he joined politics. ““I want people to know that even before venturing in politics 20 years ago when I was elected councilor, I was already driving a Mercedes limousine and a Range Rover besides owning a palatial home in Nairobi and running 25 lorries on the road,” the governor said of his immense wealth.

Scandals-Ignorance Or Witch-hunt
The Kiambu county boss was put to task by the Senate Public Accounts Committee-led by Moses Kajwang-to explain how Kshs. 2, 608, 064, 453 was directed to projects otherwise carried out by the national government. Waititu acted surprised by the Auditor-General’s report saying in his defense:

“What I have seen is also new to me. I think it is a misuse of the National Government template because nobody could have assumed that we have such figures in our county. Because we don’t have a budget for those things and therefore there is no expense at all….”

Here below is the mind-blowing budget that has got Kenyans talking:

1. State House Affairs:-

Coordination of State House Functions – Kshs. 973, 839, 449/-

2. Administration of Statutory Benefits for Retired Presidents – at Kshs. 180, 506, 800/-

3. Administration of Public Service and Communication

State Corporations’ Advisory Services – Kshs. 591, 610, 204/-

4. Kenya-South Sudan Advisory Services – Kshs. 58, 108, 000/-

5. Education, Gender, Culture and Social Services:-

Free Primary Education – Kshs. 804, 000, 000/-

TOTAL: Kshs. 2, 608, 064, 453

His net worth
Waititu has made it clear that he is ready for the much publicized lifestyle audit if it would clear his name. A rough estimate of what the Governor owns would put his net worth at kes7 billion making him one of the richest politicians. Next