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The Three Founders Of Transline Classic Ltd

Reliable, comfortable and safe are the three adjectives that best described Transline Classic ltd fleet of buses and 14 seater long distance public service vehicles. The company was established in 2005 and went on to dominate the Nairobi-Kisii route before venturing into other markets. Back then, Transline was famed for their professionally run 14 seater PSVs-popularly known as shuttles. The introduction of the buses was an afterthought prompted by a directive from the government to phase out the shuttles.

Introducing the buses
The company purchased its first three buses under Transline Classic Group of Companies after securing a loan from Equity Bank. In 2012, the fleet had grown to 24 buses plying the coast and the lake region routes. As of 2018, Transline Classic Group had over 80 buses plying various routes in Kenya.

Who are the founders of Transline Classic?

Shareholders Who Owns Transline Classic Ltd
Evans Nyagaka Anyona owner of Transline Classic

Evans Nyagaka Anyona
The idea of what became one of the most successful bus company on our roads was conceived by Evans Nyagaka Anyona. Raised by a single mother following the death of his father when he was only in class 6, did not deem Anyona’s dream to prosper. He managed to complete his 0-level which marked the end of his education as his mother was not able to pay for his fees beyond that point. His big break came in 1992 when the country was hit by a severe drought. Aware that the drought would be followed by food shortages, the young man bought maize at kes7 per tin and, true to his prediction, the ensuing scarcity of the commodity led the prices to jump to kes35. With the proceeds, Anyona opened a shop which morphed into a wholesale outlet.

Through the encouragement of his uncle, he bought his first pick up which he converted to the popular ‘seven aside’ matatus. His business grew and he bought three more seven asides before opting for the modern Nissan and Toyota matatus. He has gone on to found the highly successful ENA Coach.

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Bringing on board partners

James Bichange
The need to expand saw the form four drop out partner with James Bichange. His partner contributed his matatus under a cooperative they formed to run the company as one unit.

Haron Kamau

He is the third partner who also contributed his matatus. The owner of the iconic Kamel Park went on to found Overseas Buses.


Even with its astronomical growth, passengers have complained that Transline Classic has some of the rudest staff in the industry. The company also stopped issuing bottled water and the power outlets in the buses don’t work. Transline is also lagging behind technology wise as passengers don’t have the option of booking online.

The misgivings aside, Transline Classic is affordable to most travellers and they have given safety of their passengers a priority.