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Frasha Background, Education, Career, Family, Children, Private Practice, Awards & Scandals

Francis Amisi popularly known as Frasha is an award winning Kenyan musician and businessman.

Known to a section of his fans as “Dakitare”, Frasha seized the country’s airwaves as part of the dynamic rap group P-Unit. He earned the nickname from his prior profession.

Background & Education

Frasha was born and raised in Athi River, Machakos County, within the Nairobi Metropolitan area.

He attended Machakos Boys High School for his secondary education. While in school, he was an active sportsman, featuring actively of the school soccer team.

His passion for the sport saw him later on play for bigger teams including East African Portland Cement, Kenyatta Hospital and Imara Daima Football Club.

Frasha joined Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) in 1999 and graduated as a Physiotherapist in 2002.


The award winning artist is a trained Physiotherapist by profession.

His love for music, however, started when he was still very young. While in school school he could compete in rap battles with other students.

While in college, he teamed up with his childhood friend Bon’eye and set out to purse their dreams of becoming decorated musicians. They initially recorded a number of songs as Bonie and Frasha before teaming up with Gabu to form the group P-Unit.

Together they proceeded to record a number of songs, and rose as one of the best groups to ever grace the country’s music industry.

Frasha also worked at the Aga Khan Hospital until 2011 until he quit to focus on his music career.

When he first made the move, his parents were shocked by his decision, but it later paid off.

“It was drama. First, my mum is a doctor and my dad is a teacher. I have opinionated parents who are old school. But at some point I just realised that wasn’t me. I was good at what I was doing but I felt it wasn’t my calling. It hurt them but they are now supportive of me,” he said during a past interview with Showbizz.

He revealed that his trademark cap and sunglasses look was initially meant to conceal his face from his parents.

During the course of his music career, he has collaborated with other renowned artists including Nonini, Sauti Sol, King Kaka, STL, Collo, Madtrax, Wyre, BigPin, among others.

He credits his exploits and fame gained through the music industry to hard work and dedication.


Frasha has been married to Meg Mbogo for 19 years now. Together they have 3 children Shirleen (17), Esther (15), and Emmanuel (6).

File image of award-winning musician Frasha and his wife Meg. |Photo| Courtesy|

Private Practice

Frasha is not as actively involved in music as he was a few years ago. During the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the musician returned to his profession.

He set up a clinic, noting that the decision was informed by the economic constraints brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. He highlighted that, while passion and talent may also make one successful, he urged youths to passionately pursue academics as it is very important.

While appearing on YouTube channel Bonga na Jalas, he revealed that the challenges brought forth by the pandemic had taught him a very valuable life lesson.

He noted that education can bail you out when everything else is at a stand still.

“Covid-19 has taught me one thing. You know I was a doctor at Aga Khan for about six years. I started my music journey and it was successful. When Covid-19 hit, shows disappeared meaning we could not make money. I thought of what I could do,” he stated.

”I took a humble pie and went back to my old job. I set up a clinic next to Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi, called Doctors’ Park. What this has taught me is that education never expires.

”It is okay if you are passionate about music or anything else never ever ditch education. It will help greatly,” he added.


In 2012, P-Unit won two awards during the Channel O Music Video Awards. They were crowned 2012 Best Group Africa and also Best Dancehall Song Africa for the hit “You Guy”.

In the 2007 Chaguo la Teeniez Awards, they were feted 3 awards; Best Group, Best Song and Best Collaboration all for the song “Si Lazima”. They also won another award for Best Group during the Kisima Music Awards that same year.

In 2008, they also won the Best Group award at the Chaguo la Teeniez Awards. That same year, they were also crowned Boomba Group, Best Collaboration during the Kisima Awards for the song “Una”.

They were nominated for the  Listener’s Choice award during the 2008 MTV Africa Music Awards.


On July 14, he was accused of cheating on his wife with an upcoming musician by the name Phieso.

She called him out for constantly hitting on her despite having a wife. She alleged that the two had an affair, adding that she was okay with it until he assaulted her for refusing to have unprotected sex with him.

“It’s high time for this old man to be called off. He beat me up only because I asked him to use protection because I don’t engage in unprotected sex. He went to the extent of drinking alcohol that I bought and beat me up. Men are trash,” she was quoted by K24 Digital as saying.

“I was super cool with Frasha and I didn’t know it will reach a point where I would have to expose him, but you can never lay your hands on me. He knows where I live because he’s been there so if anything happens to me know it’s him,” she wrote.

She also shared screenshots of WhatsApp messages between them, revealing that the musician had asked her for nude videos.