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From Comedy To Classroom: Inside Chipukeezy’s Private School In Tala

Comedian and Nacada director Vincent Muasya, aka Chipukeezy, is the proud owner of a private primary school. 

The school is registered as St. Martin’s De Porres primary school and is based in Tala, Machakos county. 

It was initially a nursery school, but with an increase in student numbers, the school has grown to become both a day and boarding primary school. 

Recently, students from his school graduated in an event that was graced by some celebrities and political heavyweights, the likes of Ndindi Nyoro, Jaguar, Babu Owino, Dennis Itumbi, Betty Kyallo, among others. 

Valuable asset

Speaking about why he founded the school, Chipukeezy, who hosts the Chipukeezy show on KBC, explained that he grew up in the same area of Tala in Ukambani. 

He was raised in an extended family, and sometimes had challenges getting school fees. It was then that he realized that education was a luxury to some pupils. 

Therefore, when he became successful in his career, he decided to invest in a school in what he called a God-given chance to help underprivileged children. 

According to him, a school is a valuable asset, which will still exist even after his death. 

He was further inspired to start the school by his mother, with whom he is the co-founder. 

“I come from a family of teachers. I wanted to continue the legacy of my parents,” explained Chipukeezy, who recently celebrated 10 years in the comedy industry. 


Speaking in an interview on Jalango tv, Chipukeezy revealed that running a school is no walk in the park. 

He explained that one of the major challenges he faces is balancing the resources to pay the teachers, run the school, and invest in more resources like classrooms. 

He further said just like any village, Tala is home to several villagers who thrive on malice and whose intention is to bring down successful projects. 

Giving up

Like many entrepreneurs, Chipukeezy almost gave up during the Covid period. 

“I told my mother to close down the school. I told her we could utilize the land and buildings in another way,” he explained. 

At that time, the school was barely two years in operation and it was already draining him. 

Despite the Covid situation, his mother wanted to purchase a school bus, but the comedian wondered how he would be able to maintain a school bus and his personal vehicle at the same time. 

Three years later, they have already bought a school bus. 

“Were it not for my mother pressuring me, we wouldn’t have anything,” he said.  

Chipukeezy show

According to Chipukeezy, running his school and at the same time managing the Chipukeezy show on KBC has been challenging, but he has managed to balance both. 

He is helped by his brother, whom he said has been running the school for the past six months. 

He recently started an events and advertising company, which he also manages with his brother. 

The funnyman journey to the top is inspiring. He started out as a mjengo guy, then went on to become an MC. From there, he became a radio presenter, then he started hosting the Chipukeezy show on Tv. 

He was recently appointed as the official Mcee of state house events and says he is still pushing to achieve more.