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Gideon Moi Net Worth, Businesses And Properties He Owns In Kenya And Abroad

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The scion of late president Daniel arap Moi is a man of means. His demeanor, his friends and his favorite sport-Polo-betrays his breed. And wait until you hear him addressing a rally during a campaign trail or the many political shows we are accustomed to in Kenya. He talks with his nose. He eats words like Baringo Central-so that Baringo kati sounds like Baringo Kari. During the 2002 general election when he made his debut in active politics, Gideon Moi struggled to communicate with his constituents. Word in the Rift was that man Gidi couldn’t even communicate in his mother tongue. He went ahead to clinch the Baringo Central seat on a KANU ticket. And this brings us to his political life before we delve on the wealth he has amassed over the years.

For a man whose father ruled Kenya for 24 years-and with an iron fist-, it was only inevitable that the last born son of Kenya’s second president and his siblings would plunge into active politics. The politic novice easily won the Baringo Central seat as he was elected unopposed in 2002. The tide changed in 2007 when he was trounced by ODM candidate Sammy Mwaita. He ran for the Baringo county senatorial seat in 2013 and won. Gidi had made his intention clear and he has been a force to reckon with ever since. The 55 year old doubles as the Kenya African National Union (KANU), Kenya oldest political party, chairman.

Said to be the favorite son of former President Daniel Moi, the privileged Gidi has led a stable life devoid of controversy. He has a beautiful wife, Zahra Moi, and the couple is blessed with three children: Lulu Moi, Kigen Moi, Kimoi Moi.

Age and Education
He was a student at Strathmore University (1977–1980), St. Mary’s School, Nairobi, University of Salford, Strathmore School. He was born on 22 October 1963 (aged 55).

Business owned by Gideon
The Kroll report commissioned by former President Mwai Kibaki in 2004 opened the lid on the alleged individuals who had looted the state. One of the prominent individuals named was Gideon Moi.

His listed businesses in the report were:

1. Giro Bank – Held under Asian nominee businessmen
2. Taurino Enterprises
3. As alleged by Msamaha
4. KTN
5. Siginon Freight – 12.5%
6. Trans-National Bank
7. Kent ship Maritime
8. Sielei Properties Ltd
9. Giant Holdings Ltd
10. Revak Ltd
11. Sudbury Ltd
12. Sudbury Investments
13. Giant Forex Bureau
14. Westfield International Ltd
15. Chesco Ltd
16. Hampstead Enterprises
17. Metipso Services Ltd
18. Maternity Shop
19. Eagle Airlines
20. Chemusian Company
21. Fresh Produce Ltd
22. Siginon Freight – 12.5%
23. Cartrack Kenya Ltd
24. First American Bank
25. Equatorial Bank
26. The Sasine Group of farms
27. Cable Wireless
28. The Duty Free Company
29. Eveready Company (H. Young)
30. Tobacco Farm in Malawi – 100%
31. Chester House – 50 %
32. Safaricom Kenya (together with Biwott, Charles Field Marsham) – 40%

Source Enquiries indicate that Gideon owns the following:

1. Property ownership—Owned in Italy and Sultanate of Brunei
2. Cut Tobacco Ltd
3. Bank Accounts—Sultanate of Brunei
4. Sandhurst Matrix Inc
5. Saphire—Managed by Mr. Sevak
6. Garlan Investments—Director — Dr. Clemente

In the UK
1. Allegedly has two properties in London held under a trust set up by Mukesh Gohil
2. In South Africa: Owns a number of properties in South Africa. His frontman is Harbinder Singh Sethi, has 74 properties listed under closed corporations all of which are registered in his name.

1. United Kingdom: By the year 2002, Gideon‚ cash in various banks overseas amounted to 550 million sterling pounds
2. Grand Cayman
3. Luxembourg
4. Dubai: Allen & Overy holds all of Gideon’s accounts
5. South Africa: Has accounts in South Africa and possibly Malawi. Gideon’s frontman is Harbinder Singh Sethi

1. Eurobank: Currently under liquidation
2. Giro Bank: Allegedly owns Giro Bank under a front of Asian nominees
3. Trust Bank: Under Liquidation
4. Citibank – prime exit point for Gideon’s cash to his off-shore accounts
5. ABN AMRO – to move illegally obtained cash emanating from corrupt deals to safe havens in off-shore accounts
6. First American Bank: Client material suggests Naushad Merali and ex-president Moi control First American Bank
7. SAMUT Trust: All of Gideon’s monies invested in Kenya are held by a trust called SAMUT

Net Worth
According to the Kroll report, Gideon Moi has over 550 million sterling pounds (Kes75billion) in various accounts in UK. His net worth can surpass that if his assets and other business in Kenya are included. His net worth can surpass the kes110billion mark.