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Class Seven Dropout Builds Sports Car From Scratch With 120KM/H Top Speed

Godfrey Charles is a Tanzanian national who built a sleek, easily maneuverable race car with a top speed of 120 km/h.

Here is his story as told by WoK,


He was born in 1996 at Kagera but currently lives in Dar es Salaam. Because of financial difficulties, he dropped out of school in grade seven.

He looked up to his father and was saddened when he passed away leaving him an orphan from a young age. 

To fend for himself, he took up a job as a co-mechanic. The mechanic got the inspiration of building the car when his father fell sick.

“When my father was sick, we used to walk for long distances which made him weak. We also struggled a lot, this inspired me to make something that would make traveling easier,” Charles said 

The process of building his car

He collected scrape metals, wires and did a lot of research. He had failures but had to struggle to make everything work.

People around him thought he was mad but after 13 months he completed the the building of his sports car. He faced challenges such as limited resources and support.

The determined man made it because he loved what he was doing,  was patient and hardworking.The whole cost of building the car was one million, eight hundred thousand. Charles got the money by working as a garage helper and selling metal pieces.

Features of the car 

The car can move forward and reverse. It is fast and very powerful. It has features just like a formula one car that is a steering wheel, gear sticks, dashboard, turn signal lights, head lights and rear wings. The sports car moves at a speed of 120km/h. It has a carrying capacity of two people. 

Other things he intends to do

He does not plan to stop there. The car builder has an aspiration of making a plane and a boat.

He also wants to make a car that is super fast that can cover three hundred miles per hour.

Godfrey has done his research on planes and he wants to make one small plane that can carry four people.

The mechanic believes he can do great things in future when he gets support. He is on Instagram and Facebook as Godfrey Charles.