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Grand P Biography, Age, Career, Break-Up With Eudoxie Yao & Genetic Condition

By Prudence Minayo

Moussa Sandiana Kaba, or simply Grand P as he is popularly known, is a singer, actor, social media influencer and politician of Guinean descent. Despite being born with a rare genetic condition, the singer has proved that one’s life is not limited by physical appearance. He has moved beyond the physical to become one of the most followed and loved personalities of Guinean descent.

While many would stare and talk about him from a young age, he was determined to make a mark in the world and with determination, grit and perseverance, he accomplished what he set out to do. He does not let the words of people affect him and he chooses not to concentrate on the negative but is rather content with those who love him for who he is. In his own words, he too is a creation of God . He believes God has a reason for his life and most of the time he acknowledges the mercies of the Lord upon his life. 

He has collaborated with several Guinean musicians in a number of songs which have been a massive success. Azaya and King Alasko are some big Guinean musicians he has worked with. 


He was born on 13 October 1993 in Sanguiyana, Nabata, Guinea. 


Music Career 

Grand P is a talented musician who has performed in some of the biggest stages in Guinea. 

In 2019, he performed during a show by Kerfalla Kante at the People’s Palace in Conakry. This performance propelled him into the limelight in a big way. Those who had never heard of him knew him and a lot of opportunities presented themselves. He got the chance to interact with the who is who not just in the entertainment industry but in the political arena as well. He was also among the celebrities who attended and supported Guinea in Cairo for the Africa Cup of Nations. 

On 2nd October 2020, he released a song named Independence to mark the Guinea independence day. 

Grand P has an album to his name and a number of singles which include Grand P Barana, Life and Syli. He has also been featured in a single called Irfahama by Sidika Diabate and another single called Amour Ndoto by Boncena. 

In 2019, he signed two major movie deals with an American production company. 

Political career 

The musician announced that he would be running for the presidency of Guinea in October 2020 and that his fiancée Yao was going to be head of his campaign team. In a bid to strengthen his candidacy, he appeared in a number of interviews both in Guinea and Ivory Coast. Eudoxie stated she was happy for her husband to be and that she also harboured dreams of being the president of Ivory Coast but was denied the chance. The voluptuous Eudoxie  said she was happy with being the first lady of Guinea.  

Grand P Biography, Age, Career, Break-Up With Eudoxie Yao & Genetic Condition
Grand P and his rotund ex-lover Image/Instagram


The singer is not married but was engaged to Eudoxie Yao, who is an Ivorian singer, model and actress. The two began dating in 2019 and got engaged in August 2020. Nicknamed the Kim Kardashian of Africa, Eudoxie Yao has been christened the most curvaceous woman in Africa by some publications. 

“Thank you, everyone, for your support. The physical does not count in a relationship,” Eudoxie said following their engagement. 

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Their engagement was met with different reactions from their fans with some claiming Yao was with the singer because of money and not for love and others saying it was just a publicity stunt. They became the talk of town with most talking about his height and how tall and curvaceous Yao was. Yao on the other hand declared they were happy together and that was all that mattered. The wedding was set to take place in January 2021 where it was expected to be a very big social event. 

On 25 July 2021, Eudoxie set the internet ablaze after announcing her breakup with Grand P. Taking to her Instagram account, where she boasts more than 1.6 million followers, she announced that she was single again and ready to focus on her music.

“My babies, I am officially single, and I am going to focus on my music. Have a nice weekend,” she wrote. 

She further alleged that the popular musician had been cheating on her. Grand P is yet to give a clear statement on the breakup and whether or not he cheated. People have been speculating on this with others claiming she had broken up with him as she had gotten the money she wanted from the diminutive musician.  

In a bid to make amends with his lover, Grand P reminded Yao that she meant the world to him. 

“My love #Edo for me you are the most beautiful thing in this world. In my heart, I’ll write your name, so I’ll think of you forever. My real happiness is to be with you, you are the love of my life. The sun is for everyone, but you, you are my sun alone. Love you,” he said.

The two have since reconciled.

Genetic disease 

He was born with a rare genetic condition known as progeria, also known as Hutchinson-Gilford Syndrome. This means that he starts aging right from birth. The disease limits the size of the patient to 1meter or 10 at most with a body weight of 25 kilograms. The average life expectancy for a child with this disease is 13-years-old but others may live longer. The disease is characterized by high pitched voice, visible veins, thinning, spotty and wrinkled skin and stiff joints. The disease is rare and not an inherited one. 

Grand P has not let the fact that he has progeria stop him from pursuing his dreams. He ignores the stares and harsh words of the people and continues with his life, something that has won the hearts of many of his followers.