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9 Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Not From the Tribes You Thought

For the longest time, a section of Kenyan media personalities and celebrities have been associated with the roles they play on television.

A number of them, have made a name for themselves playing certain roles, that have been associated with their lives, and members of the public may believe they are actually from the communities they portray.

This has been amplified by the stereotypical personas of various tribes they employ in their comedic acts.

Whownskenya.com looks at some of the celebrities who are from different communities from those they play on TV.

Francis Njenga

Popularly known as Mogaka, for his role in legendary drama series “Vitimbi” that aired on KBC.

Over the year, Kenyans have associated Mogaka with the Kisii community, due to the perfect Kisii accent and knowledge of the language. However, that is just for the stage.

Njenga oce lived in Sotik Town, Bomet County. The town borders Nyamira County, and it is there that he interacted with a lot of Kisii people, getting to learn the language and accent.

That in the end has paid off for him, landing television shows, radio jobs and numerous advertisements as “Mogaka”.

David Mwabili

Mwala is one of the most iconic comedic actors to grace the Kenyan television industry. From his days at Vitimbi to Inspekta Mwala, Mwabili has been a joy to watch and a role model to many.

Many Kenyans mistake the actor for a Kamba. This is due to the accent he employs in his comedic acts.

During an interview on Jeff and Jalas in 2017, Mwala revealed that he is not from the Kamba community. He is from Taita Taveta County.

“I am Taita by birth, and Kamba by profession,” Mwala stated.

Eunice Wambui

She is popularly known as Nyasuguta. She played Mogaka’s wife in legendary drama show, Vitimbi.

Her near perfect Kisii accent deceives her fans into believing she hails from the Kisii community.

Sande Bush

Sande has often been mistaken for a Nigerian national due to the accent he employs in plying his trade. He is known to his fans as “Dr. Ofweneke”.

Dr. Ofweneke’s near-perfect Nigerian accent can deceive you into believing he is from West Africa.

In 2017, during an interview on Ebru TV, he revealed that he is not Nigerian and neither has he ever visited the West African nation.

Dr. Ofweneke hails from the Luhya community of Western Kenya.

Hiram Mungai

A veteran in the country’s comedic industry, Hiram Mungai popularly known as Ondiek Nyuka-Kwota, has long been associated with the Luo community.

His Luo accent and stereotypical arrogance from his role on legendary court drama series Vioja Mahakamani, led his fans to believing he hails from Nyanza.

Nyuka-Kwota is from the Kikuyu community.

Joseph Kinuthia

He is popularly known as Omosh owing to his role on Citizen TV’s Tahidi High. For the longest time, his fans associated him with the Luo community due to the name Omosh.

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He Was One Of The Most Popular And Loved Tahidi High Actors Photo/Courtesy

However, his recent mentions on news headlines has since revealed to Kenyans his real name and community.

Nyamari Ongegu

Arguable one of the greatest musicians in the country, Nyashinski’s community of origin has many of his fans confused.

The former Kleptomaniax rap group member’s real name and tribe remains a mystery to a huge section of his fans.

Nyashinski is from the Kisii Community.

Andrew Muthure

Popularly known as Mustafa. He plays the role of the chef on Citizen TV’s drama series Mother-in-Law.

His near perfect Swahili accent, conversational demeanor, can have you believing he hails from Coast Kenya.

Mustafa is from the Kikuyu community.

Kazungu Matano

Known to many as Captain Otoyo Sibuor, his Luo accent and pride has had his fans believing he is from Luo, Nyanza.

He is one of the funniest comedians in the country, and his comedic acts on Papa Shirandula and Churchill Show, will have you believing he is Luo.

Captain Otoyo is from the Giriama tribe of the Mijikenda community.