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High School Students Attend Graduation Event in Helicopter, Expensive Cars


High school
Students arrived in a chopper for the Prom and graduation party at Elite High in Entebbe Uganda. Photo/Pulse Uganda.

High Students of Elite School in Entebbe Uganda have gone viral after they attended a prom party to celebrate their graduation.

In videos and photos shared online, the students can be seen in fancy dresses and suits as they arrive at school for the party.

According to the school headteacher Lawrence Onyango, they teach their learners to have high self-esteem, so they are very confident and sharp.

According to reports, the father of one of the students at the school hired a helicopter so his son could celebrate his last year in high school in style.

The school was criticised on social media by a section of people for the lavish event.

The headteacher defended the event saying the high-end cars belonged to the parents of the students.

“YOU CANNOT regulate the cars the parents decide to bring their children in,” he said.

According to Pulse Uganda, Minister of State for Higher Education John Chrysostom Muyingo expressed disapproval at the display of extravagance by students at Elite High School.

“Are these things happening in Uganda? Where are we going?”

“Money is a scarce resource; it shouldn’t be given out and spent like that,” the Minister said.

The Helicopter was hired for USD 1200 (KSh 158,000) according to sources.

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