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The Top Three Most Expensive Schools In Kenya 

Kenya has a good number of international schools that offer premium education to those who can afford. These schools are prestigious and what many people can only dream of.

Below are top three most expensive schools in Kenya as compiled by WoK,

International School of Kenya (ISK)

Founded in 1976, ISK offers pre-kindergarten to Grade 12 education program and the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program to students from all over the world.

It sits on 40 acres of land and hosts a number of facilities, including: a 400-meter track, an amphitheater, a gymnasium, cafeteria, solar heated swimming pool, fabrication technology labs, five tennis courts, a basketball court, a library – media center, two large playing fields and science laboratories. 

Their school year is divided into two semesters; from early August to December, and January to June. According to their website during the 2023-2024 school year, the school fees is as follows: Annual tuition rates are: 

Pre-kindagarten: $18,450 

Kindergarten: $29,200 

Grades 1-5: $30,810

Grades 6-8: $32,200

Grades 9-10: $34,020 

Grades 11-12: $35,370

Others are: Bus fees: $2,200, application fee is $400, One Time Capital Levy: $10,000, Annual Capital Levy: $1,500, LCE Fees – $20,000, this amount is paid in addition to the grade level tuition fees.

Greensteds International School 

Nestled between Nakuru and Nairobi, the school is in a serene environment and offers a holistic education based on the British curriculum. Sitting on 50 acres of land, the school has numerous amenities, such as, state of the art classrooms and dormitories and a music technology room.

The Day and Boarding School offers education from early years to A levels. It is accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIA), the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), the associated board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), and the London College of Music (LCM).

The school fees varies depending on whether one is in boarding or day school. The school fees per term is as follows with the second and third column representing day and boarding school respectively:

Playgroup Sh53,000
Creche Sh89,500
Nursery  Sh102,000
Year 1-2 Sh140,000 Sh424,000
Year 3-4 Sh193,000 Sh472,000
Year 5-6 Sh230,000 Sh543,500
Year7-8 Sh305,000 Sh678,000
Year9 Sh331,000 Sh751,000
Year 10-11 Sh373,000 Sh814,500
Year 12-13 Sh447,000 Sh895,000


There is also a non refundable admission fee of Sh25,000 for early years and Sh50,000 for year 1-13. Non residents pay Sh200,000. Parents also pay a yearly development levy of Sh10,000. Other costs incurred include,: refundable caution money, termly activity fees and termly science subject surcharge. 

St. Andrews Turi 

Founded in 1931, the school started as an education center for upcountry farmers. It initially started as a preparatory school for children aged 5 to 13. It incorporated senior school in 1988 and a sixth form college in 2020.

Sitting on 450 acres of land, the school boasts of a number of amenities, like, classes, boarding houses, staff housing, modern sports and arts facilities, sports pitches, a riding school and paddocks, forest areas, nature trails, low ropes course, a reservoir and a private airstrip.

Their school fees depends on the year, and whether one is in day school, weekly boarding or full boarding and is as follows: 

Class ​​ Fees  per Term (Ksh)

​​Nursery –Day ​​ ​189,000

​​Reception – Day 377,000

​​Years 1- 2 – Day ​​377,000

Years 1-2  Weekly Boarding 717,000

​​Years 1- 2 Full Boarding 754,000

​​Years 3 – 4 Day School ​​509,000

Years 3- 4 Weekly Boarding 746,000

​​Years 3- 4 Full-Boarding 784,000

​​Years 5- 6 – Day School ​​547,000

Years 5-6 Weekly Boarding 798,000

​​Years 5- 6 – Full Boarding ​​840,000

Years 7- 8 – Day School 589,000

Years 7- 8 Weekly Boarding 861,000

​​Years 7-8 – Full Boarding 906,000

​Year 9 – Day School 625,000

Year 9 – Weekly Boarding 914,000

​​Year 9 – Full Boarding 963,000

​​Years 10 – 11 – Day School 678,000

Years 10- 11 Weekly Boarding 990,000

Years 10 – 11 – Full Boarding 1,043,000

​​Years 12- 13 – Day School ​​733,000

Years 12 – 13 Weekly Boarding 1,072,000

​​Years 12- 13- Full Boarding ​​1,128,000