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Hotels and Resorts Owned By Kenyan Athletes

As a career, athletics is always a short term profession as most athletes retire prior to attaining 40 years. It is because of this that most runners work and train hard in a bid to beat the cutthroat competition and grab the ticket to represent Kenya in major events.

That’s not all; athletes have to strive for a podium finish that always comes with a monetary windfall. Most athletes with promising futures would also land deals with major brands such as Nike shoes.

But life could turn out to be a demotion of class for retired athletes who squander their earnings or are conned. It is for this reason that many athletes have invested their millions into real estate, agriculture and hospitality sectors.

This article will take a look at athletes who own hotels and resorts.

Ibrahim Hussein – Lobo Village 

Ibrahim Hussein is a retired marathoner and a man who rides life through the fast lane. He had a decorated career that saw him become the first Kenyan to win the New York City Marathon in 1987.

According to reliable sources, he earned at least $25000, a sum that is in excess of Ksh 3 million going with the current exchange rates. He was also gifted a sleek  Mercedes Benz car and became the first Kenyan athlete to own such.

A section of the Lobo Village. [Photo: Visual Photos: https://www.facebook.com/104325478147720/posts/pfbid02NoDbBKLpwcUyXBMjSuv5hZXFJi9bxgQbYZXGkkDUtyRMdRaJYEcZA7oX3yeU2pYal/?app=fbl]

Hussein is also a three time Boston Marathon winner. He owns the famous Lobo Village that sits in an expansive piece of land in Kapseret, along the Eldoret Kapsabet road.

Lobo Village is about 7 kilometres from Eldoret Airport and 10 kilometres from the CBD. It is a perfect recreational centre for people looking for outdoor activities. It also has a nyama choma grill and serves a variety of cuisines.

The facility offers boat riding, football, fishing and archery. Besides, its tranquil environment has seen it hired for various events including corporate team-building and weddings.

Mary Keitany: Winstar Hotel

Mary keitany is a retired world-beating athlete and struck gold at least 7 times in the women’s marathon. She won the New York City Marathon in four occasions.

Besides her lustre on the road, Keitany is blessed with what many would call a perfect family. Her husband, Charles Koech would always accompany her to train and acted as a pacesetter.

Winstar Hotel in Eldoret. [Photo|Winstar Hotel|Google Maps]
The couple has also invested together and own Winstar Hotel that lies on Eldoret’s Sosian Street. Winstar has 85 accommodation rooms and offers other services such as conference rooms.

The duo has also been linked with Chamastar Hotel in Kabarnet Town though details about the same remain scanty.

Moses Tanui: Grandpri Hotel

Moses Tanui’s sweat on international tracks and roads came to pay him off handsomely. He is a two time Boston Marathon winner and was the first man to run the half marathon in less than an hour.

Moses Tanui decided to play golf after retirement. [Photo| https://www.capitalfm.co.ke/sports/2012/01/19/tanuis-journey-from-the-tape-to-the-tee/]

Tanui retired in 2004 and is the owner of Grandpi Hotel in Eldoret. The establishment is located along Nandi Road.

Tanui is known to have turned down a huge deal that would have seen him change his allegiance to Italy. After hanging his boots, he ventured into playing golf.