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How Jalang’o Earns & Spends His Millions

Felix Odiwour is one of the most popular media personalities in Kenya, which has exposed him to many income-generating opportunities.

Celebrities in Kenya are a hot commodity for companies that pay millions to associate themselves with personalities who will communicate their brand perceptions to the celebs’ audience and community of fans.

Jalang’o works at Radio Africa Group which is known to pay celebrities quite well, as evidenced in Shaffie Weru’s salary of Ksh 600,000 attached to his suit against the company.

Jalang’o’s Instagram following of 2.2 million also offers him the opportunity to monetise his huge following by posting advertisements for many different clients.

The radio presenter is on record revealing in a past interview that on a good month he earns as much as Ksh3 million for using his social media.

Currently, the comedian is a brand ambassador for a wide range of brands touching from finance, apparel, fast-moving consumer goods, and construction.

His online presence also transcends to YouTube where he posts content in the form of interviews and entertainment analyses.

In the first three months after starting his YouTube channel, he had already racked up Ksh1.2 million in revenue from the platform.

With his current numbers at more than 366,000 subscribers and millions of views, the amount can only be higher.

Just as Jalang’o has many income streams, he also has a number of ways in which he spends his hard-earned money.

The radio presenter’s appetite for high-end cars is known to many, having bought a Toyota Landcruiser 200 series and a Mercedes Benz just months apart, despite the shrinking economy.

His latest acquisition, a black Mercedes Benz, was shipped in April 2021, with a close friend hinting that Jalang’o had ordered it in February. To celebrate his return to Kiss 100 in July 2020, he bought the Toyota V8.

The two cars added to his collection which include a Mercedes Benz and Land Rover Discovery, BMW X6 among others.

Shoes are also a big part of Jalang’o style. He is on record revealing that he buys up to 4 pairs a week, translating into hundreds which he then donates overtime.

“My love for shoes started when I joined Form One. My dad had fundraised to take me to school and that’s when he got me my first pair of shoes. I’m just compensating for the years I never had shoes. Currently, I have 3,212 pairs of shoes. In a good week I can buy as many as four pairs of shoes,’’ he stated in a past interview.

Jalang’o has also invested wisely in different sectors.  He is on record talking about his properties in Coast, his tours and travel company, and a communications firm.

When you think about it, his investments are also part of the income streams.

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