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How To Register For Uber business in Kenya

Uber is an online cab hailing application which enables a commuter to hire a cab from one place to their destination point.

A driver then locates the customer from the application.

Nairobi became the fifth city to adopt Uber cab trasport service after its launch in January 2015.

The number of Uber taxis has been rising in Kenya day by day.

The company partners with legal car owners to provide transport to its customers.

So, what are the requirements before becoming an Uber driver?

1. One must be 21 years old or above.
2. One must pass the driving test.
3. One must have three-years driving experience.
4. Clean driving history.
5. Valid national identity proof.
6. A regular and a PSV Driving License.
7. Certificate of good conduct.

Uber Kenya cars requirements

If you make a decision to partner with Uber for cab business, here is what you should have for Uber to give you a deal.

1. Your car should have clean PSV Motor Insurance.
2. Must have a motor registration certificate for your vehicle.
3. Your car should not be old. Cars of model 2006 or newer are usually inspected by Uber motor assessors for quality, driving condition, as well as cleanliness before being approved, for cab service.
4. Your car should be a 4-door car or a minivan.
5. Should be in a good condition with no cosmetic damage.
6. No commercial branding.
7. The car should pass a vehicle inspection.
8. No hatchbacks accepted.

Now, when registering your car for Uber business, here’s what you need:

1. Operating Card

2. Vehicle registration certificate.

3. Vehicle inspection report

4. PSV car Insurance certificate

How to register with Uber Kenya

1. Go to the online Uber sign-up page.
2. Fill all the required details.
3. Upload all the important information as require, including your driver’s license information, auto insurance, and registration.

How to partner with Uber Kenya

1. Download Uber Driver application on your smartphon, install it.

2. Create a new profile and fill in general details like name, email, contact etc.

3. Add details about the vehicle to be used as Uber Taxi.

4. Upload Uber Kenya car documents.

5. After uploading PrDP documents, you will be investigated for criminal background checks.

6. You will receive an invite to complete your driving test and screening session if you are approved, as soon as the criminal background investigation is complete.

7. After getting your Uber Certification Session, you are ready start your taxi business with Uber.

Types of Uber cars and requirements

1. Uber X

Most new cars qualify for UberX. It offers comfort rides at reasonable fare for regular trips.

Before applying your car for UberX category, you must fulfill the following requirements:

1. The car should be a 4-door sedan.
2. Seating capacity should be at least 4 passengers in addition to the driver.
3. Operating windows.
4. The car must have air conditioning system.
5. Should have a working radio.
6. It should not be a salvaged or rebuilt car.
7. Your car model should be of year 2006 or newer.

Car Models used for UberX include:

Mazda Demio 1300cc

Nissan March 2006 and above

Nissan Note 2006 and above

Toyota Vita 2006 and above(fuel efficient)

Toyota Belta 1000cc, 1300cc

Toyota Passo 1000cc, 1300cc

Toyota Vitz 1000cc, 1300cc

Toyota Porte 1300cc,

Toyota Reacts 1300cc,

Mitsubishi Colt 1300cc

Nissan Swift 1300cc

Suzuki Swift 2006 and above

Honda FIT 2006 and above

Honda Insight 2006 and above

Daihatsu MIRA 2006 and above


They are mid-tier luxury sedans which command higher fares for luxury travelling.

Rquirements for UberSELECT vehicles in Kenya

1. Model year should be 2008 or newer

2. Seat capacity of at least 4 passengers in addition to the driver

3. Working windows and air conditioning

4. Should not be taxicabs, government cars, or other marked vehicles

5. No salvaged or rebuilt vehicles

Popular Car models used by UberSELECT in Kenya include:


Nissan Wingroad, Bluebird, Lafesta

Toyota – Corona Premio, Corolla, Corolla Axio, Corolla Fielder, 4Runner, Isis, Prius, Wish, Allion, Noah, Premio, Sienna, Voxy

Subaru Forester

Mitsubishi Lancer


It is a low-cost Uber service in Nairobi and other towns in Kenya. It offers a customer a chance to ride on brand-new small cars.

Many of them are white mini Suzuki Altos emblazoned with stickers reading “Uber Chap Chap,” and a slogan “Fika Faster, Save Chapaa”.

Uber CHAPCHAP was launched in Nairobi in February 2019 after Uber Kenya signed an agreement with CMC Motors, holder of Suzuki franchise in Kenya to import 300 Altos for driver-owners underwritten by Stanbic bank at a cost of Ksh835,000 per vehicle.

A rider with high ratings, between 4-6 points qualifies to drive the Uber Chap Chap. This means a rider has to pay Ksh30,000 per month, after which they will eventually gain full ownership of the car.

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