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How To Start And Run A Successful Playstation Business 

By Omari

This article is informed by my own experience in one of the most profitable business in Kenya at the moment if well managed. I made my fair share of mistakes as a newbie when I opened my first gaming shop that could have easily been avoided if I had the right advice. Below is what you need before you invest in a gaming lounge. 


Like we were taught in business education, location is key to success in any business, PS included. PS gaming lounges near universities have ready clients. Students will spend their free time playing games for  hours on end. Densely populated estates also have a ready client base. The first shop I started is located in Seasons, Kasarani. I started with two screens and now the shop has a total of six screens, the maximum the gaming store can hold. My second shop did not do as well because of shop location and a motley of other issues. 


While location is key, the rent should also be reasonable. Avoid renting spaces whose rent is unreasonable. Remember gaming has low seasons too. If you are paying kes40,000 per month-lets say- plus other expenses like internet, electricity and your staff-you will find yourself making very low profits. Always minimize your costs as much as you can. 

Extras-Internet, Lighting, Music And Graffiti

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You are dealing mostly with young people who are excited by graffiti and lighting-the matatu culture if you will. If you have some money on the side you can have graffiti on your PS store. It makes the shop hip and the luminous lighting is a magnet for young people. Wifi is very important as it keeps clients who are waiting for their turn busy. Music has the same effect. 

Purchasing TV Sets, Playstation And Games 

Be extremely careful when purchasing electronics. As a rule, I don’t purchase second hand playstations, pads or games from shylocks. PS shops are an easy target for robbers who find market for their loot from people running similar businesses. My shop was broken into and that experience alone is enough for me not to buy from questionable sources. Ensure all your electronics have guarantee to avoid cat and mouse affair incase of malfunction. Where competition is high, purchase bigger screens. Localities with no competition, 32 inch TV sets will do. Have popular games and never miss FIFA. 

You can buy your playstation from local sellers or get in touch with us on via the comment section to guide you where to source for PS and games at affordable prices.

NB/Another option is buying on Amazon which is not as difficult as some people think. Once you’ve placed your order we can recommend companies that ship PS and other items to Kenya.


Playstations are a hot favorite for petty and the more well organized criminals. Pads and disk will easily be stolen if you are not careful. Ensure that after players are done, they return the pads. The PS should be well secured in a way that a player cannot remove the disk. Have CCTV cameras mounted strategically as this deters criminals. Have an additional security door especially if you are in an insecure area. 


I insured all my property from theft and fire but my experience with this particular insurer has not been good. When my shop was broken into and TVs and PSs stolen, the insurance company faulted my doors. Should you insure? I think it’s a waste of money but that’s a decision you can decide. 


The initial capital is a bit high but you can start with two TV screens and grow as your clients increase. This will require you to have atleast kes150,000 for 32 inches TV sets and two PS and games. My investment was kes560,000. 


Once you open your shop, the next stage will be paying for your licenses. This will be done once your shop is running. The council officers will pay you a visit and advise you appropriately on the cost of the license. You will also have to pay for KAMP, PRISK and MSCK license and another license from Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB). It’s a pretty much straight forward process.


  1. So, how do you charge the clients. Do you use coupons or you just watch them to avoid cheating by playing more games for free

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