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Ibrahim Onami: In America, KFC Is For Homeless And Broke People

In Summary

  • Popular Youtuber Ibrahim Onami claims that Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurants are mainly patronized by the homeless, broke and “chokosh.”

Ibrahim Onami, a Kenyan content creator residing in the US has rubbished the hype associated with KFC outlets in Kenya. In a YouTube video, Onami said that when he was recently in Kenya, he laughed off his friends’ idea of visiting the popular restaurant.

Onami hinted to them that the hype associated with KFC in Kenya is a complete opposite of the United States.

“In America, KFC is for poor people, it is meant for the homeless or the broke. Or in Kenya, you can call them chokosh,” he said

To give a clear picture of his allegations, he recorded a video while in the US in which he visited one of the outlets. True to his allegations, the restaurant appeared dull and silent. There weren’t any customers seated and the parking lot had only two cars.

You can see there are no customers and the parking lot is almost unoccupied,” he says.

Onami then ordered chicken sandwich served with French fries. For this, he paid only 8 dollars.

The good and the bad of America

In yet another video, Onami revealed how homeless people in Minneapolis were suffering during winter.

To cast a picture of the pitiful situation, Onami recorded how the people had their small tents engulfed with snow. He was successful in interviewing one lady by the name Alexa.

She was in dire need of better shelter, food and a sleeping bag. Onami went to a nearby restaurant and brought her coffee with doughnuts. He promised to find a sleeping bag for her.

Previously, the content creator revealed that he was making up to $ 70 (Ksh 10710 current rates)  per hour cremating bodies in the US. However, he quit the job after working for only one day.

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