Ibrahim Onami: I Made Ksh8,400 Per Hour Cremating Bodies In The US

Ibrahim Onami: I Made Ksh8,400 Per Hour Cremating Bodies In The US
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Ibrahim Onami, a Kenyan living in the USA, shared his experience working in a crematorium. Onami, who is widely known for his TikTok and YouTube video content, is famous for giving Kenyans who are planning to relocate to the US practical survival hacks.

Here is what he had to say about working in a crematorium and the benefits.


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In his video about cremation, Onami encouraged people to take up the job, noting that it has a number of benefits including medical insurance and housing for those who don’t have a house. Workers at the cremation centre also earn up to USD 70 (Ksh 8,400 current rate) and get to have a vacation twice a year.

“Hii kazi ni poa sana. Benefits ni mob sana. Unapewa medical insurance, vacation twice a year, na pia kuna paid allowance. Pia kama huna nyumba kuna mahali hapo nyuma unaweza ishi,” he said, walking around the area.

“ukipatikana umekufa unachomwa for free, life insurance so job yangu ilikua kuchoma maiti usiku alafu ukikufa wanakutransport kwenyu Africa for free…but hiyo kazi ilinishinda mimi”, he added.

Quitting the job

Although the pay is relatively good, Onami noted that it is not an easy job to do, adding that he quit after working there for a day. In the video, he showed his viewers where the cremation centre is, although he was careful not to be too obvious when taking the video.

In another video, he advised those moving to the US to move with their spouses, as finding a girlfriend there was not an easy task. He also added that in the US long periods of dry spell are inevitable, as it is hard to make a move on a lady there. Expounding on his point, he noted that people sometimes have the wrong perception on immigrants making a move on the locals.

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“Dry spell imejaa huku kama huna bibi utateseka hapa hakuna mahali utapata dame aty unaenda kwa barabara aty utapata dame ama uende sua uone dame uanze kuwhistle atakuitia polisi akushtaki uwekwe ndani. Mkuje na mabibii zenyu mkuje kama mumejipanga dryspell,” Ibrahim Onami said in that video.

Onami is famed for his simplicity and originality. Unlike other people who do not disclose the real situation in the states, he is real about the situation there and gives people tips and hacks of surviving in the USA.

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