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A Tour Inside Kelvin Kinuthia’s Tastefully-Designed House

Kelvin Kinuthia is a famous albeit controversial Kenyan Tik Tok content creator.  The bold, funny and unapologetic media personality dresses like a woman complete with fashionable wigs, high heels, and long manicured nails. Kinuthia is among the few men in Kenya who choose to cross-dress and at times act like a woman, all in the name of content creation.

The content creator who ekes a living through social media advertisements, boasts a huge following on both Instagram and Tik Tok. Most of his videos on Tik Tok are comical and if the comments are anything to go by, people adore him. Many adore the fact that he is confident and does his thing without focusing on the negative or hateful comments. His character Mama Shiko is always executed seamlessly and is a real fan-favourite.

Since he takes on the character of a woman in most of his videos, a lot of people were and are still judgmental of his work. He has been the recipient of many hate comments which at one point pushed him to nearly quitting. Luckily, he had a strong support system who encouraged him to continue doing what he loves. Today, he upholds positivity and ignores critics who talk him down.

Apart from making content on Tik Tok and Instagram, he also runs a YouTube Channel dubbed OfficialKinuthia which boasts over 42,000 subscribers and has more than 50 videos out there.

Kinuthia has reaped big from his exploits online and just like any ordinary person, splashed his hard-earned money on himself. In this article, WoK takes a look at the content creator’s house valued at Ksh800,000.

Inside Tik Tok Star Kelvin Kinuthia's Well-Designed House
File image of Tik Toker Kelvin Kinuthia’s portraits. |Courtesy| Eve Mungai YouTube|

Kinuthia’s House

The content creator recently shared a video giving fans a tour of his well-designed house. He also hosted YouTuber Eve Mungai in March 2022, also giving a tour of the house and describing how he put everything together.

The interior of Kinuthia’s house is dominated by blue and yellow colours as evidenced by his curtains and couches. His living room also has a black and gold wallpaper that complements the dark and bright colours in the house.

“I so much wanted a yellow couch. People sometimes tell me I have ‘some ka-Ukamba’ in me. I wanted a yellow couch but it would get dirty easily because it is used by everybody who comes into the house. So I picked blue.

“You can even see the wallpaper. It has black and gold. Whenever I get something dark, it must have a bright colour to compliment it,” he told Eve Mungai.

Kinuthia revealed that his mother gifted him the TV which is mounted to the wall in his living room and the home theatre when he was moving out of her house. The celebrity also bought his current stand at Ksh7,000 and said it was stylish when he bought it when he was first moving out.

Inside Tik Tok Star Kelvin Kinuthia's Well-Designed House
File image of Tik Toker Kelvin Kinuthia’s couch. |Courtesy| Eve Mungai YouTube|

On his wall, he has also placed small mirrors that complement the house clock that he has hung up in the sitting room. He also has blue lighting in the sitting room that he explained works best at night to give him dark lighting when watching movies at night.

He also has portraits of himself hanging from the walls, which add to the beauty of his interior decor.

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Kinuthia’s house has a small corridor where he gets to shoot his TikTok and Instagram videos and he said his fans are used to seeing his space because that’s the spot he uses to make his videos.

Kinuthia has a well organised and fully furnished kitchen. It has a gas cooker, microwave, and a fridge among several other types of equipment. He also hired the services of an interior designer who built cabinets for some of his utensils.

His bedroom is also chilled with complimenting colours. He has a huge blue bed well arranged with filler pillows that match the bed’s colour. He also colour blocked the bed with a yellow duvet that made his house shiny and colourful despite the darker wall and appearance of the room. Resting on the bed is a huge brown teddy bear.

Kinuthia’s house has an extra bedroom which he uses as a walk-in closet. The room has a shoe rack with over ten pairs of shoes, some of which he admitted to never having worn.