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Irene Ayimba Biography, Controversial, Husband, Children And Career 

Irene Ayimba is the sister of the late Benjamin Ayimba who died on 22 May 2021. Benjamin was a successful coach of the Kenya sevens rugby team who made Kenyans fall in love with the game. His death has propelled his sister Irene Ayimba to the limelight. A while back she was known by a number of people, especially in the entertainment industry but now she is known to millions and has been trending online for all the wrong reasons.

She has been accused of being mean to the mother of his late brother’s kids and has allegedly called them bastards. The situation took a turn for the worst when the children and their mother were prohibited from bidding farewell to their father. According to popular actress Sandra Dacha, who accompanied the mother and babies to the funeral, they were treated like outcasts. When they managed to gain access to the funeral grounds, all hell broke loose when they went near their father’s grave. Sandra said what she experienced was a scene straight out of a Nollywood movie. Netizens were not happy to this and many have insulted Irene for the ill treatment of her nephews


The actor is a single mother to one son. 


Irene Ayimba Biography, Controversial, Husband, Children And Career 
The late Ayimba died after a long illness Image/Courtesy

Irene works as a logistics manager with Kencall outsourcing. She has also been a member of YMCA where she has also worked in different capacities. 

Acting career 

Irene is a Kenyan actress who has had roles in some of the biggest local productions in the country. She acted as Selee in Papa Shirandula where she played the very demanding sister of Wilbroda. 

Irene was also featured in the series Lies that Bind. She played the role of Esther who was the Chief Executive Officer of RJ investments, she is still a bachelorette despite being the eldest on the Juma’s clan. She is generally independent. Lies that Bind revolved around the wealthy Juma family. Its major theme is how the love for money can destroy a family.