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George Kinoti Biography, Age, Background, Education, Career, Family & Awards

The Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti is the Kenyan version of the legendary former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director J. Edgar...
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Jackie Matubia Biography, Career & Marriage

Tahidi High was one of the most watched programs in Kenya at some point. Everybody waited for Tuesday so as to get a glimpse of that high school drama. If you were one of those who loved the program, you must have come across Jackie Matubia who went by the name Jolene in the show. She is a remarkable actor whose skills wow the public and is also a TV personality who has worked in different media groups.


As mentioned earlier, Kenyans came to know of her when she acted in the then school drama Tahidi high on Citizen TV. Just like the rest of her colleagues in the program, she showed remarkable talent. This is why it was so disheartening for her fans when she left Tahidi High. Later, she would reveal the reason which was the fact that she was pregnant.

“I had to leave the show when I was four months pregnant because I’d bought so many skirts and it was getting harder to hide the bump,” she said in an earlier interview.

At one point, she worked at Switch TV where she hosted the popular program Chatspot. She later left to join Rembo TV to host her own show dubbed E-Zone where she shares entertaining videos about celebrities.

The former Tahidi High actress is also currently an actor in the new Citizen TV show “Zora.” She acts alongside Sara Hassan whom she had worked with in Tahidi High. She performs her role so effortlessly and natural making the show interesting to watch.

Apart from acting, she is a social media influencer and also the brains behind Fabulously Forward, a beauty place that offers various services and accessories.


The actress is married to Kennedy Njogu, a pilot and she has previously rubbished the rumors that they had separated. The rumors were sparked by the fact that they deleted each other’s posts on social media.

“We celebrated our third year of being legally married in May this year but I understand with the decision to not post him, it raised questions,” she told Parents Magazine a year ago.

The two just decided to keep their love out of social media.

Matubia is a mother to one daughter.

Later, she would reveal in an interview with Massawe Japanni how her marriage fell apart. Her parents separated while she was a child and her mom’s new family did not want her. This rejection affected her as she went into her marriage and she believed she rushed into it with no one to mentor her.

“Just like me, he also had issues before. The problem always is that we women tend to depend on a man, or our kids or our homes, to have a good life. We need to learn to make ourselves happy. For me, I attended counselinga and learned to forgive, and how to love myself,” she said partly during the interview.

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