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Jalang’o Goes Back To School, Training To Be A Pilot

In a world where dreams often take a backseat to the demands of everyday life, there are those who dare to defy the odds and chase their deepest aspirations.

One such individual is Jalang’o, the renowned Lang’ata MP Phelix Odiwuor, who has recently captured the headlines with his decision to pursue his childhood dream. 

In this article, WoK looks into Jalang’o who is now enrolled in flying classes.

Wilson Airport

Jalang’o revealed that he is currently attending flying school at Wilson Airport, immersing himself in the world of aviation. With each lesson, he becomes one step closer to transforming his dreams into reality.

Jalang’o’s passion for aviation and his determination to master the art of flying fuel his ambition to excel in his piloting journey.

In the interview, Jalang’o playfully teased that one day, we might hear his voice on the control towers, seeking permission to land a plane.

His enthusiasm for the aviation industry is evident as he strives to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently navigate the skies.

Jalang’o’s ambition extends beyond obtaining a private pilot license; he envisions a future where his voice resonates with control towers, showcasing his expertise and dedication to the craft.

Maintaining Privacy

The funnyman turned politician made a conscious decision to keep his educational journey under wraps. He explained that he aimed to avoid unwarranted criticism and false accusations of utilizing public funds to finance his studies.

Citing other notable figures like DJ Joe Mfalme, who pursued education alongside their respective careers without publicizing it, Jalang’o remains focused on personal growth and the pursuit of his dreams, free from unnecessary scrutiny.

To The Skies!

Now, as he sets his sights on conquering the skies, Jalang’o exemplifies the courage to pursue one’s passions and the belief that dreams can become a reality.

As Jalang’o continues to balance his responsibilities as a Member of Parliament with his educational pursuits, his determination and unwavering spirit is nothing but inspiring.

We eagerly await to hear Jalang’o’s voice in the airwaves, requesting clearance for landing from the air traffic control.