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James Mutembei: Youtuber With 195 Million Views Reveals The Fortunes He Has Made Online

If you’re keen at following the political happenings of the country, you probably have watched videos posted on Mutembei TV Youtube channel. Famed for the phrase “Kenyans are happy,” the digital media house also posts dozens of contents daily on Facebook and runs a news blog.

Now, if you meet James Mutembei, the proprietor behind Mutembei TV, one thing as sure as the roundness of a dewdrop is that he will divulge that there is ‘good money’ on YouTube. This guy doesn’t give a damn about youths whining of unemployment yet there are online streams to making passive income.

Mutembei was on 27th October invited to a colourful ceremony to celebrate 15 years of Google Kenya. The function was held at Karura Forest and was graced by President William Ruto and other powerful government officials including ICT Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo.

As one of the topmost Youtubers in Kenya, Mutembei revealed that he started off with a little more than hope. However, his unprecedented growth is something he didn’t expect within a short duration; he equated his monthly pay bonanza high echelon government officials’ earnings.

Four to five years ago, if you could have told me I’d be here, I could have simply told you off (but) we are the people reaping big. I don’t think there is any job in Kenya whereby a youth like me or even others can make 500k or even a million plus unless you’re appointed a CS,” he said amid cheers from the crowd.

Mutembei says he has directly employed 10 people and has various freelancers spread across the country who ensure his channel captures the entire country. He then pays them for the videos.

Mutembei with President William Ruto. [Photo: Mutembei Mutiiria| Facebook]

The blogger called upon the Kenya Kwanza Government to ensure there is improved internet connectivity in order for content creators to reach remote villages. He said such a move will increase their earnings. He had one advice to the youth: consider online platforms as a new lease of life amid an unemployment catastrophe.

What I can advise Kenyan youths: don’t expect jobs from the government. These people have very few government jobs (to offer), I don’t think we can get 500,000 government jobs yet the youths are in millions.

The rise of Mutembei to 195 million Youtube views 

Previously, Mutembei ran the now defunct Magical Kenya News blog. His Youtube channel also adopted the name before he rebranded to the current name. He owes his rise to consistency and overflowing passion in delivery of news. The Mutembei YouTube TV channel has so far accumulated over 195 million views and has 356k subscribers. On Facebook, Mutembei’s page has approximately 721k followers.

The figures he has amassed definitely took a flow of sweat on his brow. On Youtube alone, Mutembei has posted over 47000 videos whose aim he says is to educate, inform and entertain. With his success came good tidings as various corporates such as optiven have advertised through his channel.