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Jane Mugo Biography: Nun Turned Top Private Investigator

By Prudence Minayo

Jane Mugo is a controversial private investigator whose modus operandi has not been spared criticism. She is the CEO of her security firm Trimo security, and doubles as a director of both the Ruiru Lions club and Baraka Childrens Home. 


The spy queen was a student at Karoti Girls Secondary school. Her leadership skills earned her a role as the head girl of the institution. Mugo was schoolmates with the likes of former Gichugu MP Martha Karua, who she credits with shaping her career as a spy master. Ms Karua wrote a letter to Cradle Kenya requesting the NGO to give Mugo a chance to work with them as an undercover agent.

She studied criminology, a course that was paid by the late Minister John Michuki.

“Our late Minister John Michuki paid for my college fees to study criminology in Nairobi. I used to work in Kabete Police Station part-time, and attend classes. I also did a diploma in security and worked with senior police officers as an undercover agent. Later on, they told me to open my own security company because I have a gift,”  Jane told a section of the media.


The PI was the chairlady of the Catholic Action while she was in high school. This sparked a desire to join the covenant, which she did but only lasted for six months. In an interview on Spice Radio, Mugo said she was forced to quit sisterhood after numerous appeals from people in her community to come and fight crime that had escalated in the area.


The private investigator is originally from Kirinyaga county where she also went to school. She developed the desire to fight for other people’s rights at a very young age. Fresh out of high school, she heard of a story of a man who cut his child’s finger for stealing money from the stepmother to buy a pencil as the child was doing exams. The man who was a rich businessman, was taken to court and charged with assault instead of grievous harm which was more serious. This did not sit well with her and she organized a demonstration against the magistrate and those involved in the case. She did this at the young age of 19 while many girls at this age would not think about doing something like this. 


It was DCI boss George Kinoti, then working as Personal Assistant to former DCI boss Joseph Kamau, who sharpened her skills as an investigator.

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“Kinoti sent me to Kabete Police Station to do some undercover exercises, and when I was there, I developed a passion to become either a police officer or an undercover investigator, and that’s because I did not have money to join college,” she said.

One of her earlier assignments included investigating a hospital in the country. She did a good job and was promoted by her boss.

Later, she quit the job and established her own Private Investigative company named Trimo Security in 2008. She has successfully run the company and been able to do a wonderful job of exposing issues.

However, there are challenges that come with the job as she once revealed to True Love. For example, her face is recognizable making it hard for her to go undercover. 

Accused of Crimes

In an article published by The star on 12th November 2019, it is alleged that she was involved in a number of crimes. According to the article, she was accused in 2015 of detaining a man for hours and forcing him to pay Sh440,000 and impersonating a Public Service employee. It also states that in 2019 while at New Muthaiga Estate, she drew a gun and threatened to kill a man on allegations that he was spying for a relative of the director in a company where she was the private investigator.

The Standard also published that she was released on a Sh300,000 cash bail with an alternative bond of Sh500,000 after denying attempted murder charges. She further sought for state protection after claiming she was being threatened and her life was in danger. The prosecution countered that she should be remanded at Lang’ata Women’s Prison where her security will be assured.

The Daily Nation even published the story about the spy queen on the run where they talked about the offences she had committed.

Responding to the claims on Tuko, she said that she had faced challenges before but this was the worst. She added she was not a con woman, had never conned anyone and if there was anyone saying she took their money and never delivered, he/she should step forward.

In the interview, she also said her life was in danger and she could not even do the things she loved anymore, like, going to listen to country music. What made it worse, was that the people accusing her are people she had worked with, some she had even talked to just before the story hit The Daily Nation.

Personal Life

Jane is a mother to two boys, one was 4 years last year and the other a form four candidate. It pained her when the story about her broke out since her son who was in school was insulted by a school mate saying he was wearing expensive shoes yet his mother was a gun thief. 

She also loves swimming and attending country music festivals.

Of course, at times her skill as a detective has affected her personal life and she has even busted a lover for cheating on her. The work has also interfered with her children when she would follow up too much on their activities but with time and through a counsellor she has managed to ton it down and checks on normal things like their education progress. 

If she had not been a detective, then she would have been a nun since she loves her catholic faith.