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Jayesh Saini: Owner Of Bliss Medical Centres Whose Father Founded Nairobi West Hospital

Jayesh Saini, a celebrated second generation Kenyan, is the founder of Bliss Healthcare. He grew his grit in the sector from lessons learnt from his father who founded the world-class 400-bed fully-fledged Nairobi West Hospital. His entry in the highly competitive market was driven by a desire to offer affordable healthcare services to all that is efficient and accessible.

“A country cannot purport to have a good healthcare system without the services being easily accessible, affordable and generally acceptable quality to majority of the populace. And none of the three is more important than the other but are like conjoined triplets – the three must go together,” he was quoted by outlookindia.com.

Here is the story of Jayesh Saina as told by WoK.


Bliss Medical Centre has a total of 65 centres spread across the country taking the crown of the largest network of outpatient medical centres in Kenya.

Services offered in the hospital include Doctor’s consultation, specialty clinics, laboratory, pharmacy, radiology, optical, dental care and ambulance services. It has employed over 1,100 healthcare professionals working in its chain of medical centres attending to over 80,000 patients every month. The hospital is equipped with modern machinery including a dialysis centre, 41 X-Rays, 5CT Scans, 51 Ultrasounds, 48 Optical units and 51 Dental units.

It partners with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and National Police Service (NPS) as capitation accounts as well as Kodak Lense to provide affordable and quality eye care services to Kenyans. Bliss is also accredited by the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) to provide outpatient services to NHIF beneficiaries.

Jayesh Saini: Owner Of Bliss Medical Centres Whose Father Founded Nairobi West Hospital
Founder And Chairman Of Bliss Healthcare Photocredit/Bliss Healthcare


Bliss Medical Centre was established in 2012 as Bliss GVS Healthcare Limited by Mr. Jayesh Saini who serves as its Chairman. During a past interview with Business Wire, the founder explained that he started the hospital with the aim of saving as many lives as possible.

“Bliss began its journey with an aim of patient satisfaction and a goal of saving and enriching lives. We work to improve efficiency, flexibility and accountability in healthcare. We have developed bespoke models of healthcare that meet health-rated needs of the diverse population we serve. Over time, the immense public approval of services offered by our employees has led to our robust growth,” he explained.

Before he ventured on his own, Mr Saini worked at the family-owned Nairobi West hospital. He went on to establish Bliss Medical Centre which is now the fastest growing private healthcare clinic in the country. Apart from Bliss, he owns Medicross Limited which comprises 22 outpatient centres that offer quality healthcare services. He also owns DINLAS Pharma EPZ Limited, a pharmaceutical firm worth USD30 million with a focus in supplying medical drugs across Africa. Together with his wife Dr. Shalya, they added inpatient care by establishing two hospitals under LifeCare Hospitals limited. Saini also has interests in the energy sector through his company Surge Energy in which he manufactures gas cylinders.


Bliss Medical Centre is led by Jayesh Saini who is the founder and Chairman. Dr. Gabriel Njue serves as the Chief Operating officer while Pradeep Meharishi is the Assistant Vice President, Finance. Other key leaders include Mr. Alfred Gakumbi who is the Director – Human Resources and Ms. Margaret Mami Mwakiridia who is the Senior General Manager – Quality.