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Morris Njuguna: From Joblessness In The UK To Starting A Successful Shipping Company

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Jimmy Gait Biography, Real Name, Education, Controversy, Business Deals & Music Career

Jimmy Gait remains one of the most trolled musicians in Kenya.

The gospel musician turned businessman, Jimmy Gait recently made remarks on the suffering of Kenyan women in Middle East in a manner that was considered insensitive.  Especially in the wake of reports on the harrowing experience that these women face in the hands of their inhumane employers, Jimmy Gait alleged he had never heard of Kenyan men being mistreated apparently because ‘they don’t sleep with their bosses’ wives.’

Jimmy Gait Biography, Real Name, Education, Controversy, Business Deals & Music Career


There are so many Kenyan men working in the Middle East in Saudi, Qatar, Dubai the reason you don’t hear about men being mistreated is because they do not go sleeping with their bosses wives,” he said in an interview with K24 TV.

Kenyans on Twitter swiftly reacted, poking holes into his sentiments that indirectly implied the mistreated women had been seducing married men in the Mideast. Some directed their anger on Mediamax for inviting the artiste to their studios.

Jimmy Gait real name, age and family

His real name is James Ngaita Ngigi. He was born on 15th July, 1980. The 41 year old artist is a first born in a family of 4 and has 2 sisters and one brother. He is yet to marry and in a previous interview with MC Jessy, Ngigi said he is unique and different, therefore shouldn’t be compelled to marry just because other people are doing so.

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He was brought up in Kiambu County and attended Escarpment primary school. later, he attended Lari secondary school before pursuing a diploma in Bible and Theology at Moffat Bible College.

Controversies & Illuminati claims

Ngigi is a man who is known for his larger than life persona, and just by that attracts a lot of attention in everything he does.

In 2016, he released a song ‘Yesu ndio sponsor’ which attracted criticism across various social media platforms. Kenyans found issues with the word ‘sponsor’ because it is a slang for a sugardaddy – rich aged men who date young ladies in exchange of cash.

In 2019, the ‘muhadhara’ hitmaker made headlines when he traveled to India for medical attention apparently after being misdiagnosed for throat cancer. After landing in India, his doctor allegedly prescribed a few medications which alleviated his sore throat pain.

“I was supposed to be operated on, according to my Kenyan doctor, but when I went to India it was otherwise, I was just given medications (and) in two weeks I was great,” he told MC Jessy.

Photo|Jimmy Gait|Facebook


A couple of weeks after returning from India, Jimmy Gait again found himself trending on social media after he asked for a wife, this time through a prayer. The artiste said he was in dire need of a Kikuyu wife who would cook for her. But at the same time, he bashed fellow musician Ringtone, saying his drama in looking for a wife was ‘childish’.

While appearing on TV 47 in 2020, the ‘huratiti’ hitmaker revealed that he had previously been approached by people who offered him ksh 10 million on condition that he doesn’t mention Jesus in his songs. He however suspected freemasonry and turned down the deal.

I am very well acquainted with how freemasonry and Illuminati work. I have done extensive research on them,” he said.

Business Deals

Jimmy Gait has recently disclosed how he makes his money. While still talking to Jessy Junction, he revealed he has a music studio, besides his investments in IT. Additionally, he claimed to have connections with over 300 top medic specialists in India and through this, he links them with Kenyan patients. On his Instagram page, Jimmy Gait is known to advertise numerous job opportunities.

Music Career

He began his music career at Kijabe Mission through a group of 12 colleagues who used to sing in various events. Ngigi claims that he had unmatched soloist skills and this made the crowds to fall in love with him.

He became a local celebrity in Kijabe and this pushed him into pursuing the wider Kenyan market. ‘Muhadhara’ was the first hitwave that catapulted him to the limelight of gospel music. He is also behind the following songs:-

  • Huratiti
  • Furifuri
  • Makekes
  • Ma-Kekez featuring Papa Dennis
  • Appointment
  • Makuu
  • Favour
  • Pokea Sifa