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Jimmy Jay: How Nakuru Barber Rose To Be The Best In The City

Jimmy Jay or popularly known as Barber Wa Taifa is a barber plying his trade from Nakuru County.

Having been employed for five years, he quit employment to start his own barbershop which has been in existence for over seven years.

Jay currently works with a team of seven and makes a tidy sum on a good day.

Here is his story as narrated by WoK.


Speaking in an interview with Imagine Business, Jay said he had interest in beauty since his high school days.

He noted that while growing up, they lived near a barbershop where he would spend most of his free time.

“With time I grew interest and I loved seeing the barber doing his work, after high school I decided to be a barber,” Jay said.

Jay worked for five years before setting up his own business.

“I’ve been in this business for over 12 years. I have been employed for five years and self-employed for seven years

“This is what I have been doing since I completed high school. I love beauty, fashion, design and I think God aligned me here,” he said.

Starting small

After quitting employment, Jay started his own barbershop with two chairs and two shaving machines.

He the moved to a new location as he bought additional equipments.

“When we started we had two chairs and two machines. With time and persistence, we moved to a new location and improved the equipments

“We eventually moved to this place. We are seven here and it’s been a process, it hasn’t been easy,” Jay said.

Jay opened his current shop in 2019 and pumped over Ksh 1 million into the same as capital, also noting that he has since made profit out of his investment.

“Because equipments are expensive. For example, a chair costs Ksh 50,000 and for this space I had to get six of them. Other stuff include the gypsum, tiles, CCTVs, products and entertainment,” he explained.


“I think I’ve already made profits. We are expanding to a bigger place. We want a space where we can serve more clients. We’re losing clients here because of keeping them waiting for too long.”


Jay also has to deal with challenges in his business.

One of the major challenges is high prices of beauty products which, sometimes, forces his to review shaving prices.

“With the current situation of put economy, you find prices of beauty products rise every now and then, this way, raising shaving prices becomes a bit tricky

“Anothet challenge is rent, water and things that skyrocket every now and then,” he said.

Check out the interview courtesy of Image Business below.