Mary Wanjiku: Landlady Who Scored 180 In KCPE, Became Housegirl Before Big Break

Mary Wanjiku Gachie did not perform well in school but this did not stop her from chasing her dreams.

Despite scoring 180 marks in her KCPE exams and working as a house help, the 30 year old rose to become a manager in a top firm and now a landlady.

Here is Wanjiku’s story as told narrated WoK.

Poor KCPE results

Wanjiku sat for her KCPE exams in 2006 at Ikinu Model Primary School and scored 180 marks.

After completion of her primary school education,she was forced to drop put of school due to lack of fees for her secondary education.

Wanjiku worked as a house help for a while before her aunt came to her rescue and saw her through secondary school.

Despite her mother’s death just four months after joining high school, she completed her education, although she did not perform well.

After her secondary school education, Wanjiku enrolled at a local college for short courses in Computer and French.


In 2013, Wanjiku was fortunate to land a job as a secretary at AfriCoff Trading where she rose through the ranks to become a manager.

While working at AfriCoff, she met her husband and after settling down together, they started a project to build rental houses.

Wanjiku resigned from her managerial job and channeled her energy towards real estate.

“In June of 2020, I resigned and decided to channel my mind and energy into making the project a success,” she said.