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John ‘Baby’ Migun: The Dancing Kisumu Chief Cum Basketball Coach

John Ogilo Migun shot into the limelight when a TikTok video showing him dancing in a nightclub went viral online.

The original video has since garnered over 1.5 million views, over 120,000 likes, 4,400 comments and over 12,000 shares.

Little was known about him until recently when he was unmasked as a basketball coach and an assistant chief in Kisumu.

Here is Migun’s story as told by WoK.

Viral video

In an interview with Citizen TV, Migun spoke on his viral dancing video and the impact caused by its virality.

In the video, the assistant chief danced perfectly to popular song, Kuna Kuna by Brandy Maina, Fathermoh and Sautisol’s Savara Mudigi.

He said the video was unplanned and it was taken at a local entertainment joint where he had gone to grab a late lunch after an undercover investigation.

“The video was totally random I had not planned for it. We had finished doing our patrol and in the evening we went to have late lunch then we entered there where we were conducting some undercover investigations on drug abuse,” he said.

Migun noted that he danced along when the song was played because he loves listening to it, afdin that he learnt the moves through TikTok.

“I usually watch music shows on television and some challenges on Tik Tok but decided to do it my own way and have moves that my weight could carry,” he said.


Migun is an assistant chief in Nothern Sub-Location, Kisumu-central sub-county.

He explained that the virality of the video has helped him interact freely with locals and youth who feared him.

The assistant chief also noted that the video has helped him in his fight against drug abuse since he has access to information on the same.

“They are now free to talk to me about things that bother them including the consumption of drugs. They give me information like yesterday morning I did a raid because of the same

“The video has allowed me to interact with people a lot and I can now easily get intelligence reports,” Migun said.

‘Baby’ nick name

Migun is also known among Kisumu residents as Baby.

He explained that he was given the nickname by his grandmother during his childhood days, adding that it was only given to handsome children.

“My grandmother gave me that nickname when I was young. I even used to be light but now the sun in Kisumu changed my skin tone

“Those days anyone called baby was either handsome or beautiful and that is where it started and it has been used since then,” Migun said.


As a basketball coach, Migun has coached collages and high schools such as Ambira High School and Bar Chando Girls Secondary School.

He is an International Basketball Federation (FIBA) certified coach and currently Maseno School’s basketball team coach.