Snorkels: Functions Of Plastic Pipes Fitted On SUVs, Off-Road Vehicles

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For the longes time, most people have been wondering about the functions of a car snorkel, commonly fitted on Land Cruisers in Kenya.

White its functions are unknown to many, the car snorkels are designed for mechanical or technical functions.

Here is what WoK has gathered about the same.

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What is a car snorkel?

A car snorkel is usually mounted on the side just in front of the windshield.

It is responsible for feeding air into the engine to complete the fuel combustion cycle.

For normal cars, although it is not advisable, in order to fit a snorkel, one needs to disconnect the original air intake system so that the engine receives air through the snorkel.

Functions of a snorkel

The snorkel increases the vehicles engine performance and efficiency by taking in cooler, cleaner, and uncontaminated air.

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It also prevents dust from clogging the engine and it increases fuel efficiency by sucking in cleaner and cooler air keeping your the filters clean.

A snorkel reduces car maintenance since clear air filters mean less wear on the engine, and also it enhances the vehicles off-road capabilities.

There are two kinds of car snorkels; one with air ram head and the other, with vortex head.

However, they serve one purpose.

Notably, it is important to note that a snorkel is not necessary for every vehicle, and sometimes it may not be of much benefit.

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