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John Mbadi Biography, Education, Career, Development Record And Division Within The ODM Party

The name John Mbadi is not new to most Kenyans especially those aligned to the Orange Democratic Party (ODM). He is a firebrand politician who was first elected to office in 2008 as Suba South constituency Member of Parliament. Besides being an MP, Mbadi is the chairman of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and the minority leader  in the National Assembly. 

Age and Background.

John Mbadi is the last born in a family of seven. He was born in 1972 in Seka, Gwassi South location, Suba district. 

Education background.

From To Education Institution Qualification
2004 2007 University of Nairobi Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
1998 1999 Self-Study Certified Public Accountants (Kenya)
1992 1996 University of Nairobi Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
1987 1990 Kokuro Boys Secondary School Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)
1979 1986 Ligongo Primary School Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE)

Career history.

From To Employer/Institution Position Held
2017 To date Kenya National Assembly Suba South Constituency MP/Leader of Minority
March 2013 2017 Kenya National Assembly Suba South Constituency MP
October 2012 2013 Office of the Prime Minister Assistant Minister
2008 January 2013 Kenya National Assembly Gwassi Constituency MP
2004 2008 Medair East Africa – South Sudan Programme Finance Director
2003 2005 University of Nairobi Senior Accountant
1999 2003 University of Nairobi Accountant
1996 1999 Student Welfare Authority Assistant Accountant



John Mbadi is married to Rhoda Mbadi and they have two children namely; Maxwell Mbandi and Natalie Mbandi.

Upheaval in Party

Siaya senator James Orengo and Rarieda MP Otiende Amolo unwelcome views on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) was met by fire with the latter being kicked out as the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee. The duo had the temerity to question the BBI process and asked for  amendments on existing Bill’s aspects considered unconstitutional. This did not go down well with the party leader Raila Odinga who has been pushing for a referendum. 

Defending the party position to remove Otiende from his position, Mbadi told the Star:

“If the position of the party is stated and he is opposed to that position and he is the vice-chair of JLAC courtesy of ODM, what is the issue there?”..

“We are telling him he is probably not the best fit for us. We put him there because we want him to push the party agenda……” 

“If he is not pushing the party agenda in JLAC, why should we continue having him? There is nothing mischievous in the changes. We are not punishing anyone,” 

“Does unity mean you go against what the party wants? We are just saying that Otiende is not the best for us in JLAC. We will take him elsewhere….” 

Development Record

John Mbadi Biography, Education, Career, Development Record And Division Within The ODM Party
The MP Was accused Of Doing Little When It Came To Roads Construction In His Backyard Image/Standard

His development record has not been particularly stellar. In 2019, residents of Suba South questioned the MP through a whatsapp group why he had neglected his constituency. They accused him of not initiating the construction of any roads in his backyard. The MP was also told that his wife has been benefiting from tenders in the constituency. Mbadi left the group after the heat became unbearable. 

John Mbadi Biography, Education, Career, Development Record And Division Within The ODM Party
Roads In Suba South Are Pathetic Image/Standard

Links To NYS Scandal 

The Suba South MP was sucked in the National Youth Service (NYS) multi-billion scandal, allegations that he vehemently denied. According to Mbadi, the companies that were linked to him and benefited from the NYS scam had collapsed in 2011. These allegations were made by the then National Assembly leader Aden Duale. In his defense, Mbadi said:

“The business was mainly run by my wife and has not been active since 2011. One of the trucks is permanently grounded.”

“Of the two companies Mr Duale mentioned, I only have association with Takawiri Limited, a company that went dormant long before the NYS saga that began in earnest in 2013 or thereabouts…”