Multi-Billion Rainbow Resort Owner, Amenities And Prices

Multi-Billion Rainbow Resort Owner, Amenities, Prices and Reports Of Auction
Multi-Billion Rainbow Resort Owner Worked As A Security Guard Image/Courtesy

The Kes2 billion Rainbow Resort is strategically located along the Nairobi Thika Superhighway in Ruiru, 500m from the Eastern By-pass, twenty minutes from Nairobi city centre and  thirty minutes drive from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. It has 123 rooms and suites connected to high speed Wi-Fi. The hotel also boasts a number of amenities including state of the art conference facilities, outdoor swimming pool and a recreation room for gatherings and events. It is an ideal chill spot for families, lovers, business and those looking for above average accommodation.


The owner of Rainbow Resort is Julius Kamau. The dream to own and run a hotel  began when he was a young man. To achieve his dreams, the 67 year old entrepreneur mortgaged his house in the United Kingdom where he was a student and working. In an interview appearing on a leading daily, Kamau said of his journey:

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“In January 1998, I asked a Nigerian friend to put this dream into a real picture. He did it and I hanged the picture on the wall. Every morning, I would look at it and say, ‘thank you Lord for giving me a wonderful five-star hotel’’ 

Later the same year he sent money to his brother and asked him to buy a prime piece of land where he would build his hotel. Instead, his brother bought a waterlogged abandoned quarry. He was not discouraged and went on to seek building approvals. Working with a team of experts and architects, he was able to build the magnificent structure in Ruiru.

Multi-Billion Rainbow Resort Owner, Amenities, Prices and Reports Of Auction
The conference can hold up to 500 guests Image/Rainbowhotel

“This has been my most fulfilling entrepreneurship journey that has given Ruiru Town a new impetus as a hospitality and investment hub. Our dream has been to create a facility that evokes good memory about the client’s stay here,” he once said in an interview with The Standard. 

Apart from the hospitality business, he recently bought a quarry and has also invested in the security business. While in the United Kingdom, he worked as a security guard before finally establishing his own security company. 

His daughter runs the business.

Owns A Security Firm

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The man who started working as a guard ended up owning his own security firm. He founded Rainbow Guarding in 1994 which offer security to a number of companies in the UK.


Prices of the rooms depend on the type of rooms the client wants. The lowest price as per this time is Ksh 4,292 per room. 


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