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Joseph Mburu: How “Ndrama Ni Kama Vindio” Safaricom Brand Ambassador Who Earned Millions Lost Everything

Joseph Mburu went viral after witnessing an accident and retelling what happened to journalists. After being catapulted to the limelight, he became a brand ambassador and even collaborated in a song with a famous musician. However, he has told various media houses that everything went downhill when he fell ill.

Here is his story as told by WoK.

Rise to fame

He became a household name when he gave an account of a robbery incident to news reporter in 2013. Joseph, who went to be known as  Jose the Witnesser or Jose mkaanji wa Kasarani, said what he had witnessed was like “ndrama ni kama vindio’ and how “robbers who kidnapped their pockets”.

This funny ‘twang’ earned him an enviable opportunity to be the face of Safaricom PLC which meant big money. He appeared on the telcos adverts.


In an interview on Afrimax, he said he was not able to continue with his studies after high school. To make a living, he became a street food seller and would wash cars part time. 

His business grew and he claims he started helping those in need. Especially, after going viral and getting a deal with the leading telco company in Kenya, Safaricom. He says he would help orphans with food and feed the disabled. 

Selling his two plots

In 2015, he began noticing issues with his skin. It was not until 2021 that he got a proper diagnosis. Apparently, he had stayed for an entire week without going to the toilet and this prompted him to seek treatment. 

“My leg was swelling, and helping myself in the washroom became difficult. I have visited many hospitals seeking medical treatment, but to no avail. I developed stomach ulcers because of stress, my kidney has an issue, and my spine hurts Read more,” he told Tuko adding that he cried every night due to pain. 

He was told he has issues with his kidney and spine. To cater for his medical costs, he sold his two plots at throw away prices.

“I sold my two plots at throwaway prices, and my business decreased as I used to spend capital on treatment. It was so bad that I took loans, and the creditors came to my house and took the belongings to settle the debts,” he shared.

According to him, he was forced to sell his plot for treatment. As time progressed, he became destitute and lost everything, moving to a tiny structure with a thin mattress and no proper beddings. 

The former brand ambassador says many have visited him but have gone on to declare him dead. This has really hurt him.

Joseph Mburu has no money the dialysis and has lost hope in life. The once popular public figure hopes that an angel will come through for him as he is living a destitute life.

The doctors reportedly told him not to sleep in a cold environment but he has no choice since he cannot afford anything better. 

Previously, he has revealed that even his wife left him.

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